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John Carpenter Coming Back to Halloween

There have been a lot of shake ups with the Halloween franchise lately, mostly around Dimension Films no longer having the rights to the franchise. Blumhouse, which has recently been known for the Paranormal Activity series, The Veil, and The Darkness, now owns the franchise. They have announced plans to bring back Halloween with John Carpenter as producer and creative consultant. There was a massive division among fans with the Rob Zombie reboot of the series, Zombie wanted to explore Michael as a human. Carpenter has not insulted this idea, but it’s pretty clear he wants the franchise to go away from that and back to when Michael was (in his own words) “not just a human being” and “a force of nature”. While the 1978 classic Halloween was hardly the first slasher film ever made, it is credited by many with really bringing that subgenre to a new level. Carpenter wants to help Blumhouse bring Halloween back to it’s roots. We are very excited to hear this announcement, and will bring more news as we can.

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