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Warcraft Movie Promotions Go Live

Blizzard Entertainment has released promotional transmogrification items in World of Warcraft to go alongside the upcoming movie, Warcraft: the Beginning. The movie will follow some of the earlier events in the fictional world of Azeroth, and the items pay homage to that. Playing Alliance, you gain the sword Replica Lion’s Fang, a 1-handed sword, and Replica Lion’s Heart, an Alliance-themed shield. Players for the Horde gain access to Replica Blood Guard’s Cleaver, a 1-handed axe, and Replica Staff of Gul’dan, designed after the staff of the great warlock himself.

A Feat of Strength achievement comes with these items, Fight for the Alliance or Fight for the Horde depending on which character you log into first, and they will be available for the next two months, in conjunction with the worldwide premiere. Warcraft will hit U.S. theaters June 10, 2016.



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