Great Openings: TV Edition

There is something about a good opening, it can grab us, and help excite us. TV shows have a particularly rough time, because you will watch the opening over and over. In fact often many people end up skipping the opening for the shows they love (depending on how we watch). It really says something when a show manages to create an opening that’s not something we just sit through but rather want to engage in. So with that in mind we’d like to give a nod to some of our favorite TV Shows openings.

1: Dexter

The Dexter opening is very cleverly designed metaphor for the entire show. Dexter is doing the most mundane of tasks yet somehow it’s much darker, much more creepy. Everything is slightly off from how it should be, and almost uncomfortable at moments. It’s very well shot, a smart take on the idea of an opening, and a catchy enough tune. It fits perfectly for the show, and is even more interesting than certain episodes (seasons).

2: The Walking Dead

A dark and eerie song, mixed with broken visuals, and you have an opening that is perfect for the show. Instead of over doing it with horror and gore, the opening is more subtle and it works. It makes an impact without being in your face, and sticks in the memory of those that have seen it.

3: Daredevil

This Netflix original series has one of the most artistic openings I have ever had the pleasure to see. It takes visual elements that you associate with Daredevil, but done in a stunning way. The melting pieces look slightly bloody, waxy, and just plain beautiful. It’s hard to exactly put words to this opening so I leave you with one, wow.

4: American Horror Story

It is no secret that I am not a fan of this series. I have given it many tries, and been disappointed every single time. That being said it has one of the most well composed opening songs I have ever heard. It’s haunting, and the slight changes done to it every season work well. Aside from that each season’s opening sequence manages to fit perfectly in with the theme for that season. Dark, disturbing, it deserves to be the opening for a much better show.

5: The Addams Family

Older shows have a slightly different take on openings than what we are used to with today’s TV. Even knowing that Addams Family opening is one of the best of all time. The song is catchy, and each of the characters does their part well. You get a quick look at the family (both through song and visuals) and you understand them instantly. It also paints the picture of a weird, but still loving family. It’s a great introduction for the show.

6: Six Feet Under

A show all about life, death, and being on the edge, this opening embraces that. It manages to introduce the audience to the idea of watching a show with a number of dead people, without banging you over the head with it. There are also a number of visuals that represent the the small line that divides life from death. Everything feels slightly melancholy, and sadly a little disconnected which fits the themes of the show well. Like many good openings it’s a good visual representation of what you will experience while remaining subtle.

7: Game of Thrones

For me this opening as all about the visuals. The map begins to fill itself, and introduces the audience to how complex this world is, and how many players there are in this world. If the visuals don’t get you then the epic song should.

8: The X-Files

Look at the cinematics, this is not the best opening on the list. However, the song is instantly recognizable and will bring smiles to the faces of fans. Not only that but they do manage to pull together some fairly good pictures to represent what people will see in the show.

9: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Hear me out before dismissing it. Can you honestly say there is an opening that sticks in your mind more than this one? It’s goofy, colorful, over the top, and fits in perfectly with the show itself. It introduces you to the idea of the show in a very lively way, and how much of an outcast our main character really is in this world.

10: The Twilight Zone

Add some weird visuals, with Rod Serling’s perfect narration and you have the perfect opening sequence for this show. Like the show itself it’s odd, can be a little off putting, and it also makes you wonder what exactly is to come.

Let us know what you think?

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