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Dan Aykroyd is a Fan of the New Ghostbusters

Dan Aykroyd has recently seen the new Ghostbusters movie and gave it his stamp of approval. He said that the movie “has more laughs and more scares than the first 2 films”, and also complimented the acting from the entire cast. He gave these compliments freely, and despite his belief in the past that Bill Murray’s performance is what made Ghostbusters (though I personally believe that is selling himself short), he still thinks the new one is amazing. While he did not directly address the issue of so called “fans” of Ghostbusters being angry at the all female cast, he was very open about his approval of the film and belief that people not only need to give it a chance, but will really enjoy it. I am not sure how many people will care about this review from Aykroyd, though this does help to peak our own curiosity.

2 thoughts on “Dan Aykroyd is a Fan of the New Ghostbusters”

  1. Lots of people are saying his review doesn’t matter since he’s a producer, so he’s probably hyping his own movie. Then again, it’s hard to take any discussion about this seriously since most of the comment sections about this movie quickly devolve into ‘feminazi’ and ‘fat women’ talk.

    I personally don’t know. The trailers looks really bad, though I like the slight remix of the theme song and the new proton packs. There are many times that trailers tend to suck for otherwise decent movies, so there’s always hope. However, considering he’s saying it’s funnier and scarier than the first two movies, he’s probably way overexagerating. There’s a difference between getting a better movie than you expect from a crappy trailer and getting a fantastic movie out of one.

    People should always be open to giving things a chance, even if the first glimpse isn’t that good. I think, either way, this movie will probably have a successful opening just from the surge of people who either want to see if it’s actually any good or want to see how bad it can be. At this point, it’s just shooting itself in the foot either way. It fails; people will blame both the all-female cast and writing. It succeeds; people will say it’s likely because people are too afraid to say it’s bad because they don’t want to seem offensive/sexist. I really don’t see any way to for this movie to really win.


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