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Neverwinter Finally Coming to PS4

It has been a pretty long time since it was announced that the free to play MMO, Neverwinter, would be on PS4. Since the first announcement there has been very little in the way of further news on this subject. Finally we have more word, according to PlayStation the MMO will be on PS4 this summer. However an exact release date is still not confirmed. For those that don’t know Neverwinter is a MMO set in the Forgotten Realms of the popular Dungeons and Dragons. You play as classes in from D&D, with the rules of the pen and paper RPG directly shaping the gameplay of the video game. Gamers interact with various characters and bosses both new to the video game, and others from D&D campaigns. It’s safe to say it’s not exactly like sitting down to a game of D&D, but the game makes a great effort to clearly tie the two together, and for the most part is successful.  So PS4 owners prepare for some Neverwinter action!

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