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Groan Worthy Achievement/Trophy Types

I can admit it, I have a problem, I love achievements and trophies. It’s a bit of an obsession that many of us are guilty of. In our hunt for achievements there are a number of types that are fairly annoying to get. I am not talking about difficulty achievements, so don’t expect those, but rather ones that require us to do repetitive things, or things of that nature.

Achievements That Are RNG Heavy

Notable Offender: Plague Inc: Evolved


Among the worst achievements to get, are ones that depend on RNG rather than player skill. Plague Inc does this a number of times, but one of the worst is “Not Another Zombie Game”. The achievement seems easy enough, win with the zombie plague without actually making zombies. However to actually get this achievement you have to wait for a number of different events to happen in a random order. The events are extremely random, impossible to control, and can mean that you will have to play the game over and over and over just hoping for events to unfold correctly. This means you get the achievement not for skill but for patience and pure dumb luck. A number of achievements in this game actually do that, and frankly it’s just plain annoying.

Achievements for Dying in a Game/Failing At Something

Notable Offender: God of War

If you unlock the achievement correctly, meaning you actually die that many times it’s a bit shameful. If you are good at the game in question, then it means just finding some random location and farming deaths. Either way it’s less “oh look what I accomplished” and more “great glad that’s on my list of unlocked achievements”.

Achievements That Depend On Other Gamers

Notable Offender: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare


I don’t simply mean achievements that require you to kill a certain number of other players, or win a certain number of matches. I mean achievements that actually depend on finding other players to do certain things, so that you can actually unlock them. Probably the worst for Garden Warfare is “No Nacho Taco for You!” which requires you vanquish a zombie carrying the Nacho Taco in the Taco Bandits game type. There is a number of problems with this. First, the game type was extremely unpopular, so it was hard to actually find a game. Then you had to be on the zombies, and had to be the one that actually killed a plant that picked up the taco. If you got an empty enough game (which was likely) the plants might never actually even pick up the taco. The problem with these types of achievements is once again it’s not about skill, but rather about whether or not you are lucky enough to have other players fulfill certain requirements just so you can get something.

Achievements That Require A Huge Number of Collectibles

Notable Offender: Any Random RPG

I like collectibles, I like finding them, I like getting them. There is a certain point though where collectibles stop being fun and start getting just plain annoying. Once you get to the point that you are collectible hunting more than actually playing the game it becomes not worth it, not even for the achievement/trophy.

Achievements for Playing a Game X Number of Hours

Notable Offender: Viva Pinata

The problem with this achievement type, much like dying X times usually involves just “farming” it. There are a large number of games with this achievement type that doesn’t actually require that much gameplay. I used Viva Pinata, but I actually enjoyed the game, which was good for me. However, for many people if they had completed the game by 50 hours (which is not impossible) this would mean just plugging in a controller and letting the game run until the achievement was unlocked. It’s annoying when games do this.

Achievements that Require You to be Number One on Leader Boards

Notable Offender: Quake 4

These achievements are just so annoying it’s not even worth going for half the time. Most of the people that manage to unlock this do so because they are able to boost or glitch in order to move up in the leaderboard. This leaves people that want to get it the “right way” stuck just playing over and over. Not to mention that you have a time limit of sorts to get this. The longer a game is out the harder this is to pull off, and if a game is out long enough and the servers shut down it becomes actually impossible. Thankfully this trend has started to ease off a bit, however there are still games that include this.

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