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Elementalstorm23: Streamer Highlight

For the last few years streaming has found it’s place in the video game world. Fans of games have turned to Twitch as a new way to experience gaming, and interacting with other gamers. As a casual streamer, and viewer myself I have had the great pleasure of meeting some wonderful streamers. Each month we will take some time to get to know one of the many great people out there.

Elementalstorm23 is a streamer with an emphasis on a friendly community and RPG games. He takes the time to fully experience the worlds of the games he enjoys, allowing viewers to also learn and experience those places. Beyond that he works hard to maintain a welcoming and open community in which all people can feel comfortable. Between his games, wonderful personality, and blend of a bit of old school nerdom (with sound effects and the alike), Storm is one streamer you don’t want to miss.

Name/Channel Name:


How did the name come about?

The name came from my two loves in the world which is the elements and storms. I have always been one with nature since I was little from the ocean and forests, to the mountains when I visited the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico. Storms bring an energy to me, whenever I hear thunder or see lighting in the sky I feel as if I come alive again.

Themes of Channel/Types of games you stream

My channel is based on RPGs and the adventures or journey I have with them. I choose a game and set a goal. For example with Witcher 3 I am currently working on all the Gwent trophies and DLC content. My main love is dark fantasy as I grew up with a love for skeletons, vampires, undead, knight in armor, etc.

My community is called the Storm Knights and is a PG-13 driven community focused on respect and being there for one another as a big family.


What drew you to Twitch/Streaming? What makes you use Twitch more than say YouTube?

I started with YouTube after watching Let’s Plays and realizing, ‘Hey! I could do that’, I always wanted to. The thought of being able to share your passion with others, like when you were young and your friends would come over and all take turns or vs each other in games, was something that drove me to stream as it felt like one big couch. I prefer streaming over YouTube though, for the live interaction and just being real and raw with everyone. When you’re making a video you can go back and change things, edit, etc, on Twitch it’s all live, and always fun to laugh at your mistakes.

Is there anything specific about the Twitch community that you really like?

There is a feeling like a huge family, and even though many of us are all over the world it’s almost like talking to your best friend at times right next to you. Meeting so many amazing people over the years I have streamed has changed my life in many ways. While knowing so many others share passions such as RPGs or gaming in general with you.

What do you like most about your own personal community? Is there anything you’d like to tell them?

The Storm Knights are some of the most amazing people I have ever met! They are there for me and others when it is needed. Always respectful and welcoming to others, while always willing to lend a helping hand.

How long have you been streaming? In that time what changes have you seen to Twitch that you like or dislike?

I have been streaming for around 2 years or just a little less. I have noticed Twitch become very saturated. Unfortunately a lot of streamers just doing it because they see this person making a living off it and want a piece of the pie, but hardly want to put any work into it. Many streamers dreams are to live off streaming, but most don’t realize the amount of work, on and off the stream, that is required. Networking, evaluating what works and what doesn’t, falling into traps of trying to make everyone happy, and worrying about your numbers even though you try not to. The main key is doing it for fun and knowing when to back off a little when needed for your own sanity.

What do you feel your strengths and weaknesses are as a streamer?

I feel I bring a very energetic yet balanced nature to my stream using my talents of voices, singing, and making mistakes in games that lead to some very funny times. One of the things I deal with as a streamer that is my weakness, is trying to make many happy while also telling everyone a little too much at times. That can make it seem I don’t know what I am doing.

What made you choose to be a RPG streamer?

I chose RPGs for my love of games like Witcher, Fallout, Dark Souls, and some of the amazing indie RPGs out there. RPGs have always held a passion to me form the days of Summoner and FF7 to those of now with the many inovations and various ways to tackle certain elements. I feel my love comes from way back in the days when I was playing board games like Heroquest and moving on to D&D. I also have a deep love of fantasy/dark fantasy movies like Conan, Krull, Willow, and many others.

Do you worry about getting tired of streaming RPGs so often? Why not?

Again there is a very strong passion for RPGs that just call to me, and even with multiple playthroughs in Fallout or Dark Souls there is always something new to try. I will always be an RPG streamer, and making the change to this with the start of the new year was the best choice I ever made!


So do you ever struggle with streaming so many days a week?

It can be tiresome and hard sometimes with work, my wife, and other situations. At one point I was streaming every night and weekend, but I had to take a day off as it was really taking it’s toll on me. The main thing is trying not to stress over things like numbers and just enjoy yourself, and before you know you just love streaming whenever you can.

You’ve changed your channel’s focus a few times? What have been the draw backs to that? Has it helped? If so how?

I started as your typical variety streamer using the PS4 software. Over time though with disconnects, transcode knocking my stream out, and other issues I moved to a Capture Card. The transition was tough as I lost followers who used “Live from PlayStation”, but I gain so many more options. As things were slow though this is when I started taking on the pleasing everyone and buying game after game to play with everyone with some titles I really had no interest in. After the summer and getting into the fall I said enough was enough, and I started to rebuild my channel to things that were much more my passion, like RPGs. Since then my viewers increased and I keep meeting amazing people with that same passion. The tough part, which I feel I finally concreted out, was keeping a big consistency and cutting down on the variety, even in RPGs. It was touch for myself, and my viewers, as who know what was being played or why this isn’t finished etc. Now I place a goal on a game or a “Storm’s Journey” as I call it, and play that on evenings till finished with now only two other games on the weekend to keep me sane from not playing the same thing every cast.

Do you have any advice for people new to streaming?

When you get into streaming do it for the love of gaming and the passion, let the money or dream being a full time streamer take a backseat. Of course if that is the ultimate plan keep planning, but remember streaming is a marathon not a sprint. You will have days of 0 viewers and days of 100, but every cast should fee like a hundred are watching no matter if there is none. Learn from everything you do in stream, what works, what doesn’t, and research everything!

Do you have any events coming up on your channel you would like to shout out?

I recently hit 6k followers, which we’re always grateful for and continue to keep building. Once a month we do Sub Sundays playing Minecraft and Terraria with some RPG twists to it. While also on Saturdays we try to always have an RP battle in chat where I act as a DM and send an adversary at chat, while chat uses their imagination to battle (no god modding) 😛

We would like to thank Elementalstorm23 for being our first streamer of the month and wish him the best with his channel going forward. If you would like to follow Storm (which I highly recommend) here are the various ways to find him online:





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