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E3: 2016 Wishlist

E3: 2016 will be happening early next week, and the hype is growing. While there are certainly mentions of what will be at the event, we have our own individual wishlists. This is what I (personally) would really like to see at E3.

Horizon: Zero Dawn


I was already fairly excited for this game, but after the latest trailer I am beyond simple hype. I am hoping to see more details about the game. The trailer gave us more information about the story, I would love to see more gameplay details.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Every time I feel like I am finally over waiting for this game, something pulls me back in. Last year at E3 it seemed like the game was FINALLY going to be a reality. Lately it seems it’s gone back to development hell. This year will be rather telling, if there is not a solid announcement for this game I will likely go back to assuming it’s not really happening.



It has been confirmed that something with this game will happen at E3. I am very excited for it, Banjo Kazooie is by far my favorite of the older console franchises, and the lack of real third game is heartbreaking. Yooka-Laylee won’t really replace Banjo Kazooie, but this spiritual successor seems like it will go a long way to fill the void left in my heart.

Not Too Much VR

I guess this is less of “wishlist” entry and more of a “do not want” but still. I think it’s great that VR is being improved, and I see the potential for it, some day. As of right now VR is still rather disappointing in my honest opinion. That’s not to say I don’t want to see anything, it’s a technology that deserves time and consideration. However, I am worried that the industry is becoming far too obsessed with something that is still in gimmick stages and will be a let down.

Truly Unique IPs

I am not anti remastered or sequels, in fact a few of my top games have been follow up to existing IPs. That being said, I don’t entirely disagree with people who grumble about too many remakes. Every year I will wish for something totally unique, that grabs my attention, and gives me a complete hype moment.

Honorable Mentions

Fallout 3 Remastered and Valiant Hearts 2


I give these two honorable mentions rather than their own place because frankly I don’t imagine either is going to happen. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would put the possibility on the like 2 side, if I am being optimistic. Still it’s two things that I would REALLY like to see happen. I would love the chance to play Fallout 3 on the Xbox One with graphical improvements. Valiant Hearts is a game that I believe is completely underrated, and for awhile rumors of DLC and a follow up were promised yet never developed. Make these things happen!

So what would you like to see at E3: 2016?

Let us know what you think?

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