E3 2016, Video Games

E3 2016: God of War

Sony hit it big with their introduction to their conference. They had a full orchestra to introduce a God of War gameplay demo. The demo was beautiful, with extreme detail and a setting worth getting excited about. Beyond that it introduced a new take on the series. The implication is that this God of War will be closer to an open world RPG with how the game progresses, even though action is still hack and slash style. Kratos also has a son, and the demo deals directly with both of them working together to accomplish a goal. Kratos is attempting to teach him, while the boy through his tasks. The kid is very adorable the dialogue between the two is believable and on point. Hack and Slash games have been starting to feel a bit copy and paste, so this direction might be exactly what God of War needs. Different enough to give it new life, but not so much of a departure that it doesn’t feel like part of the franchise.

Let us know what you think?

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