E3 2016, Video Games

E3 2016: Watchdogs 2 Looking to Impress

After Watchdogs generally disappointed most gamers Ubisoft is looking to fix those mistakes with Watchdogs 2. A good portion of the Ubisoft press conference was devoted to Watchdogs 2. The game promises better gameplay, smoother hacking, and an improved multiplayer experience. It is also clearly going for more style points with a sort of future retro look, and embracing a more modern feel rather than the gritty cyberpunk feel of the last game. The game will be launching November 15th of this year. PS4 owners will also have timed DLC, getting is 30 days earlier than other platforms. We are curious to see how this new direction works out for the game, and whether or not Ubisoft can turn around this franchise.

Let us know what you think?

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