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Mini Review: Lili: Child of Geos

It’s hard to explain exactly what type of game this is. It’s part adventure, part RPG, and part puzzle game. You play as Lili who lands on an island with living wooden people. She uncovers a plot where in evil creatures control the wooden creatures and force them into servitude. Lili agrees (or disagrees if you choose) to help them out. In order to fight the demons Lili hunts them down, jumps on their backs, and removes their flowers. If that sounds strange to you it really and truly is.

Despite the strange gameplay, the story itself is rather interesting, and the characters are extremely well written. Each of the wooden people have a totally unique personality, and are frankly worth playing the game for alone. Lili herself is not too bad either. She is a reluctant hero, but as she develops friendships with those she is helping, she herself becomes more confident and more worthwhile herself.

Gameplay is average at best, the idea is solid enough. It’s not really enjoyable, but it’s not bad either. Plucking the flowers can be challenging, but manages to be playable all the way through. Simply put you aren’t going to enjoy the game for the gameplay though. Really gameplay is something to simply get through in order to meet new characters and further the story.

It’s a rather enjoyable little indie game, and a fairly unique experience overall. I would highly recommend it.

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