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Happy Birthday N64

Prepare to feel old, Nintendo 64 turns 20 years old today. The console officially released on June 23 1996, in Japan. Other countries saw the console as much as many months later, however the first launch date is in fact today. The N64 had a bit of controversy over the falling out between Nintendo and Sony, that being said it still managed to be a rather important console for the industry. It marked a major push from 2D to 3D, and a number of Nintendo titles actually launched their first 3D games on the console. While some franchises did not make the push to 3D so well at the time, a number of them did. The Legend of Zelda, and Mario are two major success stories for Nintendo as far as the 3D push. Rare also hit a major stride with the console with Golden Eye, Banjo-Kazooie, and Perfect Dark. We have some great memories from the console, and whether you loved it or hated it that time did mark a major change in the gaming world. So Happy Birthday N64!

Perfect_dark_box Super_Mario_64_box_cover Wave_Race_64_Coverart

BanjoKazooieCover500px GoldenEye007box Mario_Kart_64box

What are some of your favorite memories from the N64?

Let us know what you think?

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