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More Details on New Star Trek Show

Bryan Fuller who will be the show runner for the new Star Trek series, has come forward to give a few details. First and foremost the first season will be 13 episodes long, and will cover one major story line. Fuller has said the reason for this is because Star Trek has so many episodes across many different shows, so they had to come up their own unique way to tell their story. Doing a season devoted to one major story line seemed to be the way to get that. Fuller is excited to be working on the show, saying that it was the reason he got into TV writing. While he’s enjoyed the other projects he’s been involved in (Pushing Daises and Hannibal) to him the ultimate goal was to work on Star Trek. Among the many reasons he loves Star Trek, it being so progressive is one of them. He has promised that the new series will push the boundaries, as it’s predecessors have. We are very excited to hear more about the new series, and we will bring you those details as they become available.

Are you excited to for the new Star Trek series?

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