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More Details About Prey

When this game was shown off at E3 I mentioned being slightly confused. Prey was a fairly underrated game. It did not age well, but was enjoyable at the time and tried some new things with the genre. Prey 2 (now pretty much cancelled) was supposed to be a space bounty hunter game. Prey as shown at E3 looked nothing like either of these games. Well the president of Arkane has said that Prey has no association with the original game. In his words it’s “not a sequel, not a remake, it has no tie in with the original” and is instead a whole new look at the IP.  It will also not be a standard FPS, it will blend with many other genres, including but not limited to, RPGs. Not only that but the genre of the story will be hard to pin down. It will seem at sometimes horror, sometimes adventure, but always along the lines of a thriller. The story will change and develop with choices the player makes, as well as the world itself. Basically it sounds like Arkane is borrowing a lot of the successful elements of Dishonored to help shape this game.  On top of that the lead character can be either male or female. The name “Morgan” was specifically chosen to work with both genders.

All of this is great, and I am still excited for this. However, it doesn’t really answer the question of “why stick to the Prey IP?” If they know they are throwing out most of Prey with this game, then why have it be Prey? I don’t imagine I will ever find an answer to this question, as I am sure that more than anything it has to do simply with wanting to keep trademarks and other things.

Setting aside the rather unimportant issue with the choice to stick to the Prey IP this game seems to have more potential every time I hear more about it. A good blend of many different elements in a sci-fi horror (ish) setting, that’s a lot to look forward to. Hopefully we can bring you more news soon.

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Impressions: Batman: The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke is by far one of the darker Batman comics ever written. The comic blended a look at Joker’s past with what the reality of the relationship between Batman and The Joker was coming to. In it Batman gives a speech about knowing that they are on a path where one will have to kill the other. Batman doesn’t want this to happen, The Joker wants to drive him to it.

It was a little surprising to hear that this comic was being made into an animated movie. The material is very dark, and in the past Batman animated movies/series have stayed slightly more on the kid friendly side. Frankly there is no way to make The Killing Joke kid friendly while still honoring the source material. However when setting out to make this movie, the worries about a broad audience weren’t considered. The Killing Joke as a movie was meant to be exactly what it was as a comic, a dark look into the psyche of one of the most insane enemies in the world of Batman, if not comics overall.

Going into it, I was a bit confused as to what to expect. The challenge would be turning a relatively short comic into a feature length film, as well as building up the four essential characters of the story. The movie took an interesting approach in that it focused largely on Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) in the beginning before shifting. The movie is really two parts, Barbara’s case in which her relationship with Batman is explored. Following that we kick off with The Killing Joke. Barbara is often a forgotten character when people talk about The Killing Joke. While The Joker is clearly looking to torture Commissioner Gordon and then Batman, his means of doing so his attack on Barbara.

Choosing to give half the movie over to her helps to remind people that she suffers just as greatly as everyone else in the story. It also builds a deeper emotional attachment to her both via Batman, and the audience. Interestingly enough there is also a direct parallel between a criminal who is “in love” with Batgirl and Joker’s relationship with Batman. At the end of it all the attack on Barbara is not shown in much more detail than it was in the comics, but the impact is massive. You’ve had some time to see her develop with Batman then watch her be taken down in a cruel, and frankly disgusting manner.

This also drives Gordon’s mental torture further. Gordon being forced to watch what The Joker did to his only daughter was difficult to read in the comics, it’s equally unsettling in the movie. The one aspect that is damaged by this is the rather startling ending. Batman reacts pretty poorly to Barbara’s attack in the comic, but pulls himself in for Gordon. Having a deeper relationship build between the two, but still seeing him be so controlled is slightly less believable. You can make the argument that Batman has to hold it together for Barbara and Gordon even more because of the depth of the relationship, but it remains a slightly iffy choice.

As far as translation from comic to big screen this was pretty flawless. The art choice is interesting as The Killing Joke had a lot darker style. Yet it’s a perfect way to tie it in to Batman TAS as it was clearly meant to be. Bringing back so many of the voice actors was also lovely, only that cast could have really pulled it off. It feels in part like a blast from the past, and Batman TAS, while still feeling new and approachable for those maybe unfamiliar with the older series.

There is also the added bonus of bringing moments to life like the comic was unable to. Most notable is probably The Joker’s song that he sings while attempting to drive Gordon mad. Seeing The Killing Joke in a new format was something truly wonderful. It’s a comic that deserved to be seen in film form, and was done well.


At the end of the day, much like the comic it’s hard for me to say that I liked this. It was extremely well done, but a rough ride, and makes “like” feel like the wrong word. The content of the story is nothing to sniff at, and it will make you uncomfortable at times. Yet it’s more than worth watching, and impossible for me not to appreciate.

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Mini Review: Creep

I went into this movie with fairly low expectations. Simply put, I am over found footage horror films. I was never a huge fan of them in the first place, but lately I am even more over it. I was actually very surprised by Creep. Creep is a very suspenseful, slow building, character piece almost. Josef hires Aaron to make a film because he is dying and wants to leave it for his unborn son. The more time Aaron spends with Josef though, the more he realizes how unbalanced he is. The movie is centered on the slow build towards Aaron finally realizing that he is in great danger from Josef. Josef meanwhile starts to become more and more unhinged.

Creep is really clever, and while not the most intense horror film I’ve ever seen it does keep you interested from start to finish. Mark Duplass does an amazing job as Josef, and he is truly creepy. It’s not the best horror film I’ve ever seen, but it’s rather good. Suspenseful, disturbing, well written, and across the board a pretty solid experience.

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Mystery Science Theater Reboot Details

The reboot of the popular Mystery Science Theater was teased not long ago, but it was at this weekend’s comic con that real details finally started to be revealed. Brain Corbett, Kevin Murphy, and Mary Jo Pehl will all be returning to the series. Corbett and Jo Pehl will be returning as writers. All three will have guest appearances as their characters from the original MST3K. Corbett as Brain Guy, Murphy as Professor Bob, and Jo Pehl as Pearl Forrester. Dan Harmon, most recently known for Rick and Morty, and Community has also signed on as a guest writer. Meanwhile Felicia Day will be playing the character of Kinga, Dr. Clayton Forrester’s daughter. Elliott Kalan, a writer for The Daily Show, will be the head writer. Jonah Ray will take over as the new host.

In addition to the news of writers and actors we also now know that the series will be a Netflix exclusive. The exact date it will premier is still unknown but “very near future” is typically the answer when people involved are asked for a date. The show will be available (via Netflix) in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Ireland. So there is a lot of information on how to watch it, who is involved, but sadly no clue as to a date. “Soon” could range from a few months from now, to sometime in the next year or two. Hopefully we will be able to bring you news about a premier date soon.

Are you excited for the new MST3K?


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Star Trek Beyond Takes Number One Spot

The Secret Life of Pets had a good two week run at number 1, but has been replaced by Star Trek Beyond. Star Trek had a pretty solid opening weekend, almost hitting the 60 million mark. It was still not the best opening for the current Star Trek series however, and they hope the movie remains steady. The Secret Life of Pets dropped down to number 2, but is still doing respectable. Ghostbusters was number 3, while 4 and 5 went to the opening Lights Out, and Ice Age: Collision Course (respectively). Finding Dory still managed to be in the top 10.

1: Star Trek Beyond

2: The Secret Life of Pets

3: Ghostbusters

4: Lights Out

5: Ice Age: Collision Course

6: Finding Dory

7: The Legend of Tarzan

8: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

9: Hilary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party

10: The Infiltrator

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New Pokemon Go Annoucements

There were a number of announcements and teasers for Pokemon Go this weekend. First we got to find out who exactly each team leader was. Candela is the leader for Valor, Spark for Instinct, and Blanche for Mystic. In addition to the reveal there were hints that the leaders will actually start to play a bigger role in the overall game. They weren’t finished at the time of launch, but over time they should actually start interacting with your character and be more like NPCs rather than just a brief background character.

While not an announcement Niantic did confirm that more Pokemon and trading are top priorities for the game. As of right now maintaining servers seems to be the biggest issue for the game, but as soon as they work that out new features will be added. Trading is a key feature they want to bring, especially since the game is meant to be social by nature. Both of these things seem great, the issue is they weren’t really announced as much as simply mentioned. It could be that these features are already in development and we will see either more Pokemon or trading (or both) soon. It could also mean that these are features that they might start developing so we could still have a bit of a wait.

Either way it seems like Niantic has plans to keep expanding Pokemon Go.

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South Park: The Factured but Whole Special Edition Announced

It is no secret that I am personally thrilled about the next South Park game. Well the special edition of the game has been officially announced. It will cost a massive $190 US, but comes with some pretty awesome extras. It will come in a steel case, include the Season Pass, and a remote controlled Coon Mobile. The Coon Mobile is actually the reason for the big price tag, and frankly looks pretty awesome. As of now this edition of the game is an Amazon exclusive, and can be pre-ordered now. Whether or not you get your game with the Coon Mobile you will be able to play South Park: The Fractured but Whole December 6th of this year.


Are you hype for the game? Do you think this special edition is just a little too much?

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Take Out Gary Busey in Hitman

Gary Busey has been announced as the next Elusive Target for Hitman. The contract “The Wildcard” will be available July 21st and will be open for seven days, as opposed to two like other elusive targets. Busey was picked by the community winning a vote over Gary Cole. Elusive contracts are part of Square Enix’s plan to keep the episodic adventures fresh and on people’s minds. They want gamers to keep coming back to the episodes, and not just play them then forget them like so many people do with episodic games. They hope to keep developing and pushing out content for the game keeping it forever changing and interesting for gamers.

What do you think of Gary Busey being the next elusive target?

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Xbox One S Given Release Date

The Xbox One S has been given an official release date of August 2nd of this year. The initial launch will be a limited one, with Microsoft only able to guarantee so many consoles. The price for the Xbox One S is $349 US. Many people are wondering about whether this console can actually be a success or not, as Project Scorpio is likely not far off. That being said if you are interested in a Xbox One, and don’t yet have one the S is a nice upgrade to the baseline Xbox One. The 2TB hard drive alone is a great addition to the console, and the price point for the S is not that bad. We will see how the console does in the coming months.

Are you going to get an Xbox One S?

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Ghostbusters Unable to Dethrone The Secret Life of Pets

Ghostbusters opened this weekend, and while it performed well, it was unable to take the number one spot from The Secret Life of Pets. Pets is holding on to the number one spot and refusing to let go. Finding Dory, now in it’s 5th week, managed to still be in the top 5. All summer long animated hits have had strong showings while “summer blockbusters” have struggled a bit. This could be a new trend for film overall, or just a theme for this summer.

1: The Secret Life of pets

2: Ghostbusters

3: The Legend of Tarzan

4: Finding Dory

5: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

6: The Purge: Election Year

7: Central Intelligence

8: The Infiltrator

9: The BFG

10: Independence Day: Resurgence

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Farming Simulator 17 Offers Female Farmer

If you are a simulator fan you probably know about the Farming Simulator series. They are remarkable fun, well designed, and interesting simulator games. While not the box office games that some expect, they do well, and are generally well received by their audience. However in all the years, the option to play a female farmer has never been available. Well Farming Simulator 17 plans to fix that problem when it launches this October. According to developer, Giants Software, this has been a highly requested feature of the game for a number of years. I’m personally excited to see this feature being added. Not only do I personally like having the option of female characters, but any level of personal design only adds to the depth of simulator games. So “farmers” get ready you can get back to your virtual farm October 25th.

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NES Coming Back on the Market… Sort of

Nintendo has announced a mini NES system that will come preloaded with 30 classic games. It will come with a controller designed as the original NES controller, and HDMI support. Essentially it is a virtual console in a different package than the Wii U. It will be launching November 11th for $60 US. Second controllers will be $9.99 US. The big question that hasn’t been answered is whether or not it will ever be able to support other NES games. The Wii U virtual console does have other NES games available on it, so there is an argument that it just comes pre loaded with 30 games, but also the ability to get the other NES games out there. When we do find out more information we will let you know, until then the 30 games the mini NES comes with are pretty impressive, so this could be a must have for many gamers.

-Balloon Fight



-Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

-Donkey Kong

-Donkey Kong Jr


-Dr. Mario






-Ice Climber

-Kid Icarus

-Kirby’s Adventure

-Mario Bros.





-Punch-Out! Featuring Mr. Dream



-Super Mario Bros.

-Super Mario Bros. 2

-Super Mario Bros. 3


-The Legend of Zelda

-Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

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Legion To Do: Endless Damage Wave 30

With the Legion pre-patch closing in fast, I’ve been working through the remainder of the things I wrote about in my To Do Before Legion post. Today, I completed Endless Damage (Wave 30) which rewards the title The Proven Assailant if you didn’t complete it in Mists of Pandaria. You can find the video guide also at the bottom of this post.

To begin with, you’ll want to drop your item level as low as possible. For a reference, you can find my druid’s armory profile below:


Poisonous on the armory means – in this case – Mark of the Thunderlord on my weapon. I would recommend the Mirror of the Blademaster in place of the Infallible Tracking Charm. Once you’ve done this, check your glyphs and talents below:


The only necessary talents are Incarnation: King of the Jungle and Bloodclaws. In addition, the only absolutely necessary glyph is Glyph of Savage Roar. You’ll want to buff yourself with 125 critical strike food and an agility flask.

You’ll want to start every wave with Bloodclaws up and in stealth.

Wave 1: 4 amber-shapers and a group of vermin in the middle. AoE the vermin (with Mirror of the Blademaster if possible) and DoT up the amber-shapers. They’ll die easily.

Wave 2: 1 Small Amber-Shaper, 1 Small Mystic, 2 Large Guardians, 1 Small Banshee. Focus down the mystic, DoT the guardians and the amber-shaper, burn the banshee as it spawns.

Wave 3: 2 Large Banana Tossers, 18 Large Varmints. This wave is why Mirror of the Blademaster is a good choice to make up for the lack of feral AoE. You’ll want to try and open on the banana tossers and thrash to DoT all of the vermin. Drop your Mirror images in the middle if you have the trinket.

Wave 4: 1 Large Amber-Weaver, 4 Large Guardians, 1 Small Banshee. Cooldowns used: Ring. In this wave you’ll want to open on a guardian and pop your ring immediately. Run around and DoT each guardian up and try and use the amber globules to your advantage. Burn the amber shaper down and then ensure the banshee dies.

Wave 5: 1 Small Banana Tosser, 1 Small Mystic, 1 Small Banshee, 1 Small Sha. Cooldowns used: Incarnation and berserker. Burn the banana tosser down (it should die in one/two hits) and then turn your attention to the mystic. Once it is dead, begin to DoT and dps the sha down, but don’t pop your cooldowns until it’s shield has fallen off. Shortly before the shield drops a small banshee spawns.

Wave 6: 2 Large Mystics, 6 Large Varmints. Open your dps on the vermin in the middle until both of the mystics pop their heal. Once they have, thrash to DoT the vermin once again and move to a mystic. You should be able to burn it before it tries to cast a heal. DoT the vermin up once again as you run through to the other mystic. You’ll need to interrupt this one, but only once. 

Wave 7: 2 Large Amber-Weavers, 3 Large Guardians, 1 Large Banana Tosser. Cooldowns used: Berserk buff. As the wave spawns, grab one of the berserker buffs on the ground and open on the banana tosser that spawns in the middle. DoT the guardians up and focus down one of the amber-shapers. Use the remaining shaper’s globule to burn what’s left of the guardian’s health. Kill the remaining shaper.

Wave 8: 1 Large Mystic, 2 Large Slayers, 3 Large Banshees. Cooldowns used: ring. Begin this wave at the spawn point of the small illusionary ripper (toward the back of the room). DoT it up quickly as you pop your ring and burn down the mystic in the middle. Once it has died move to the large illusionary ripper on the other side. Kill it quickly and let your ring explode on the banshee in the middle. DoTs should finish the small ripper.

Wave 9: 1 Large Banana Tosser, 1 Large Amber-Weaver, 1 Large Guardian, 2 Slayers, 1 Large Banshee. Cooldowns used: berserker buff. Grab the berserker buff and open up on the tosser in the middle. Move to the rippers and guardian DoTing them up as you go before stopping to burn a ripper down. The 3 adds should die before the banshee spawns. Kill it then finish off the amber-shaper.

Wave 10: Large Illusionary Sha. Cooldowns used: ring, incarnation & berserker. Open up from stealth with your usual rotation until it’s shield falls off, once it does that, pop all remaining cooldowns and you’ll have your title.

Let me know if this guide helps you in the comments! I’d love to hear your feedback!



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Pokemon Go Punishes Cheaters

People find ways to cheat at all games, and Pokemon Go is no exception. If you attempt using GPS spoofing in order to cheat the game, you can find yourself with a timed ban. The game doesn’t lock players out for that time, that would be too simple. Instead players will still be able to walk around the map, but not get any of the perks. Pokestops won’t have items, players won’t be able to battle in gyms, and all Pokemon cheaters encounter will run away. The actual amount of time for this ban is up in the air. It seems that the average is roughly an hour, but reports of how long have varied. For the most part this seems like a pretty fair punishment, especially considering how many games on the market are perma banning for even one infraction. Some people have been complaining, since those that live in rural areas are almost forced to use GPS spoofing to be able to do anything in the game. Instead of cheating, if you live in a rural area you might want to check out this petition. People are requesting that Niantic allow players the option to suggest locations for Pokestops and Gyms to help those in rural areas have access to more, and experience all the game has to offer. Here’s hoping that Niantic listens to gamers and we get a solution that doesn’t call for cheating. Those that live in big cities that are cheating, well it’s your game and enjoy your empty world for awhile.

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A Monster Calls Trailer is Breathtaking

Director J.A. Bayona (The Orphanage, The Impossible) appears to be at it again. His latest film A Monster Calls follows the story of a boy, Conor. Conor is attempting to deal with being bullied, lonely, and his mother dying, and escapes to a fantasy world. A Monster Calls is based on an award winning children’s novel, and promises to explore many complex emotions facing Conor, and all people at some point in time. From loneliness, anger, pain, and our own need to escape to a different world. J.A. Bayona has already proven that he can be a visionary director, and based on the official trailer today he will do wonders with this film. It looks not only to be artistically stunning, but well cast to deal with the range of emotions that the film will bring. The cast includes heavy hitters like Sigourney Weaver and Liam Nesson. Perhaps one of the most impressive bits about the trailer is new comer Lewis MacDougall, who only has been in one other film. Given the moments from the trailer Lewis was an excellent choice to rise up to the role of Conor. Now this does seem like a lot of hype for one trailer, but once you experience it yourself I am sure you will get at least a little bit of it too. We will find out for sure how this film stands up when it releases October of this year.

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Event [0] Coming Soon

The indie sci-fi game Event [0] now has a release date, September of this year. The game was heavily influenced by 2001: A Space Odyssey, as well as many other notable (even called essential) sci-fi movies. In it you are alone on a ship with an AI named Kaizen. Kaizen doesn’t want the player to leave, it’s not malicious like some AI sci-fi lovers have experienced, just extremely lonely, so it doesn’t want to allow the player to leave. Gamers must use language in order to convince the AI to help you accomplish tasks, and reveal more of what is happening. In addition to the interesting gameplay mechanics the game has also been praised for it’s sound design. In order to fuel the sense of isolation there is no soundtrack, instead just ambient noise from the ship. Those that have seen the game have already been singing it’s praises for being unique, well designed, and how well influenced it is by sci-fi giants. While the exact day is still unknown it will be launching September of this year, and you can pre-order it now. If it lives up to expectations the game might turn into a must for both fans of indie games as well as sci-fi.