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Trove Coming to PS4

People might remember the name Trove, the voxel action MMO that was fairly well received on PC. Well the game will now find a new home on consoles, the PS4. The game combines the creative aspects of games like Minecraft, with the more straight forward action style of many popular MMOs. Gamers can choose to spend their time focusing on user creation content, like weapons, dragons, and even their own small worlds. Gamers that are more about action can just focus on that aspect with the PVE gameplay. There is custom made PVP matches that players can create/participate in as well. It is an interesting blend of two very distinct types of games that works to allow gamers to experience the best of both worlds. Trove is free-to-play and will remain so when it launches for PS4, this model actually worked against Trove in the past and might continue to. However the in game microtransactions that are well known in free-to-play games did actually hurt Trove in the past and might continue to do on the PS4. It can be argued that the game is not actually pay to win, however investing real money in this “free” game can make or break the experience at times. Whether or not Trove will overcome this is something that will have to be seen. The game is set to launch on PS4 this year, the exact release date is still unknown.

So do you think you’ll give Trove a try on console?

Let us know what you think?

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