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Pokemon Go Punishes Cheaters

People find ways to cheat at all games, and Pokemon Go is no exception. If you attempt using GPS spoofing in order to cheat the game, you can find yourself with a timed ban. The game doesn’t lock players out for that time, that would be too simple. Instead players will still be able to walk around the map, but not get any of the perks. Pokestops won’t have items, players won’t be able to battle in gyms, and all Pokemon cheaters encounter will run away. The actual amount of time for this ban is up in the air. It seems that the average is roughly an hour, but reports of how long have varied. For the most part this seems like a pretty fair punishment, especially considering how many games on the market are perma banning for even one infraction. Some people have been complaining, since those that live in rural areas are almost forced to use GPS spoofing to be able to do anything in the game. Instead of cheating, if you live in a rural area you might want to check out this petition. People are requesting that Niantic allow players the option to suggest locations for Pokestops and Gyms to help those in rural areas have access to more, and experience all the game has to offer. Here’s hoping that Niantic listens to gamers and we get a solution that doesn’t call for cheating. Those that live in big cities that are cheating, well it’s your game and enjoy your empty world for awhile.

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