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Legion To Do: Endless Damage Wave 30

With the Legion pre-patch closing in fast, I’ve been working through the remainder of the things I wrote about in my To Do Before Legion post. Today, I completed Endless Damage (Wave 30) which rewards the title The Proven Assailant if you didn’t complete it in Mists of Pandaria. You can find the video guide also at the bottom of this post.

To begin with, you’ll want to drop your item level as low as possible. For a reference, you can find my druid’s armory profile below:


Poisonous on the armory means – in this case – Mark of the Thunderlord on my weapon. I would recommend the Mirror of the Blademaster in place of the Infallible Tracking Charm. Once you’ve done this, check your glyphs and talents below:


The only necessary talents are Incarnation: King of the Jungle and Bloodclaws. In addition, the only absolutely necessary glyph is Glyph of Savage Roar. You’ll want to buff yourself with 125 critical strike food and an agility flask.

You’ll want to start every wave with Bloodclaws up and in stealth.

Wave 1: 4 amber-shapers and a group of vermin in the middle. AoE the vermin (with Mirror of the Blademaster if possible) and DoT up the amber-shapers. They’ll die easily.

Wave 2: 1 Small Amber-Shaper, 1 Small Mystic, 2 Large Guardians, 1 Small Banshee. Focus down the mystic, DoT the guardians and the amber-shaper, burn the banshee as it spawns.

Wave 3: 2 Large Banana Tossers, 18 Large Varmints. This wave is why Mirror of the Blademaster is a good choice to make up for the lack of feral AoE. You’ll want to try and open on the banana tossers and thrash to DoT all of the vermin. Drop your Mirror images in the middle if you have the trinket.

Wave 4: 1 Large Amber-Weaver, 4 Large Guardians, 1 Small Banshee. Cooldowns used: Ring. In this wave you’ll want to open on a guardian and pop your ring immediately. Run around and DoT each guardian up and try and use the amber globules to your advantage. Burn the amber shaper down and then ensure the banshee dies.

Wave 5: 1 Small Banana Tosser, 1 Small Mystic, 1 Small Banshee, 1 Small Sha. Cooldowns used: Incarnation and berserker. Burn the banana tosser down (it should die in one/two hits) and then turn your attention to the mystic. Once it is dead, begin to DoT and dps the sha down, but don’t pop your cooldowns until it’s shield has fallen off. Shortly before the shield drops a small banshee spawns.

Wave 6: 2 Large Mystics, 6 Large Varmints. Open your dps on the vermin in the middle until both of the mystics pop their heal. Once they have, thrash to DoT the vermin once again and move to a mystic. You should be able to burn it before it tries to cast a heal. DoT the vermin up once again as you run through to the other mystic. You’ll need to interrupt this one, but only once. 

Wave 7: 2 Large Amber-Weavers, 3 Large Guardians, 1 Large Banana Tosser. Cooldowns used: Berserk buff. As the wave spawns, grab one of the berserker buffs on the ground and open on the banana tosser that spawns in the middle. DoT the guardians up and focus down one of the amber-shapers. Use the remaining shaper’s globule to burn what’s left of the guardian’s health. Kill the remaining shaper.

Wave 8: 1 Large Mystic, 2 Large Slayers, 3 Large Banshees. Cooldowns used: ring. Begin this wave at the spawn point of the small illusionary ripper (toward the back of the room). DoT it up quickly as you pop your ring and burn down the mystic in the middle. Once it has died move to the large illusionary ripper on the other side. Kill it quickly and let your ring explode on the banshee in the middle. DoTs should finish the small ripper.

Wave 9: 1 Large Banana Tosser, 1 Large Amber-Weaver, 1 Large Guardian, 2 Slayers, 1 Large Banshee. Cooldowns used: berserker buff. Grab the berserker buff and open up on the tosser in the middle. Move to the rippers and guardian DoTing them up as you go before stopping to burn a ripper down. The 3 adds should die before the banshee spawns. Kill it then finish off the amber-shaper.

Wave 10: Large Illusionary Sha. Cooldowns used: ring, incarnation & berserker. Open up from stealth with your usual rotation until it’s shield falls off, once it does that, pop all remaining cooldowns and you’ll have your title.

Let me know if this guide helps you in the comments! I’d love to hear your feedback!



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