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Mini Review: Creep

I went into this movie with fairly low expectations. Simply put, I am over found footage horror films. I was never a huge fan of them in the first place, but lately I am even more over it. I was actually very surprised by Creep. Creep is a very suspenseful, slow building, character piece almost. Josef hires Aaron to make a film because he is dying and wants to leave it for his unborn son. The more time Aaron spends with Josef though, the more he realizes how unbalanced he is. The movie is centered on the slow build towards Aaron finally realizing that he is in great danger from Josef. Josef meanwhile starts to become more and more unhinged.

Creep is really clever, and while not the most intense horror film I’ve ever seen it does keep you interested from start to finish. Mark Duplass does an amazing job as Josef, and he is truly creepy. It’s not the best horror film I’ve ever seen, but it’s rather good. Suspenseful, disturbing, well written, and across the board a pretty solid experience.

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