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Mystery Science Theater Reboot Details

The reboot of the popular Mystery Science Theater was teased not long ago, but it was at this weekend’s comic con that real details finally started to be revealed. Brain Corbett, Kevin Murphy, and Mary Jo Pehl will all be returning to the series. Corbett and Jo Pehl will be returning as writers. All three will have guest appearances as their characters from the original MST3K. Corbett as Brain Guy, Murphy as Professor Bob, and Jo Pehl as Pearl Forrester. Dan Harmon, most recently known for Rick and Morty, and Community has also signed on as a guest writer. Meanwhile Felicia Day will be playing the character of Kinga, Dr. Clayton Forrester’s daughter. Elliott Kalan, a writer for The Daily Show, will be the head writer. Jonah Ray will take over as the new host.

In addition to the news of writers and actors we also now know that the series will be a Netflix exclusive. The exact date it will premier is still unknown but “very near future” is typically the answer when people involved are asked for a date. The show will be available (via Netflix) in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Ireland. So there is a lot of information on how to watch it, who is involved, but sadly no clue as to a date. “Soon” could range from a few months from now, to sometime in the next year or two. Hopefully we will be able to bring you news about a premier date soon.

Are you excited for the new MST3K?


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