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New Pokemon Go Annoucements

There were a number of announcements and teasers for Pokemon Go this weekend. First we got to find out who exactly each team leader was. Candela is the leader for Valor, Spark for Instinct, and Blanche for Mystic. In addition to the reveal there were hints that the leaders will actually start to play a bigger role in the overall game. They weren’t finished at the time of launch, but over time they should actually start interacting with your character and be more like NPCs rather than just a brief background character.

While not an announcement Niantic did confirm that more Pokemon and trading are top priorities for the game. As of right now maintaining servers seems to be the biggest issue for the game, but as soon as they work that out new features will be added. Trading is a key feature they want to bring, especially since the game is meant to be social by nature. Both of these things seem great, the issue is they weren’t really announced as much as simply mentioned. It could be that these features are already in development and we will see either more Pokemon or trading (or both) soon. It could also mean that these are features that they might start developing so we could still have a bit of a wait.

Either way it seems like Niantic has plans to keep expanding Pokemon Go.

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