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More Details About Prey

When this game was shown off at E3 I mentioned being slightly confused. Prey was a fairly underrated game. It did not age well, but was enjoyable at the time and tried some new things with the genre. Prey 2 (now pretty much cancelled) was supposed to be a space bounty hunter game. Prey as shown at E3 looked nothing like either of these games. Well the president of Arkane has said that Prey has no association with the original game. In his words it’s “not a sequel, not a remake, it has no tie in with the original” and is instead a whole new look at the IP.  It will also not be a standard FPS, it will blend with many other genres, including but not limited to, RPGs. Not only that but the genre of the story will be hard to pin down. It will seem at sometimes horror, sometimes adventure, but always along the lines of a thriller. The story will change and develop with choices the player makes, as well as the world itself. Basically it sounds like Arkane is borrowing a lot of the successful elements of Dishonored to help shape this game.  On top of that the lead character can be either male or female. The name “Morgan” was specifically chosen to work with both genders.

All of this is great, and I am still excited for this. However, it doesn’t really answer the question of “why stick to the Prey IP?” If they know they are throwing out most of Prey with this game, then why have it be Prey? I don’t imagine I will ever find an answer to this question, as I am sure that more than anything it has to do simply with wanting to keep trademarks and other things.

Setting aside the rather unimportant issue with the choice to stick to the Prey IP this game seems to have more potential every time I hear more about it. A good blend of many different elements in a sci-fi horror (ish) setting, that’s a lot to look forward to. Hopefully we can bring you more news soon.

2 thoughts on “More Details About Prey”

    1. I am pretty well sold, just really still… not upset but something… about it being associated with the old Prey game. I can’t see the link so I simply don’t see the need. It’s a dumb thing to obsess over but I can’t help who I am ^_^

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