Rest in Peace Gene Wilder

For many Gene Wilder will forever be Willy Wonka, and for good reason. Wilder brought something special to every role that he took, and made it his own. For me, I will remember him best for his performances in Mel Brooks’ films. He was truly something unique, and was important in a number of different roles throughout the decades. There is not a lot to say other than how sad we are to hear of his passing. So here’s to a comedy great.



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Mini Review: The Moon Sliver

The Moon Sliver released in October 2014 and seems to be a pretty lesser known horror indie game. The game itself focuses mostly on story, as such I don’t want to give away too much. You play a person that wakes up on a dilapidated island. Four people live on the island, but three are missing. You have to wander around the island searching for clues as to what happened to the other three, and who you are.

The clues themselves are revealed as you interact with different things in the environment. There are a set number of clues to find, some you have to, others just give you more information about the game. It’s worth taking the time to actually try to search out everything in the game. While looking for clues you need to keep your flashlight charged and search for ways to get into locked areas. The locked areas often give you the biggest progression in the mystery.


While the game starts off with a dark feeling, it’s not until you reveal more of the clues that you realize that someone, or something, is the cause of the disappearances, and that it won’t stop until it gets you. Searching tells you more about the people from the island, what The Moon Sliver is, why the island is falling apart, and what exactly happened.

This game does a lot right. It is incredibly well written, the mystery itself is compelling, and the music is spot on. Each of the four people on the island has a reason to have turned on the others, so piecing together the story keeps you interested and guessing. The game is also a master of suspense, it doesn’t take you long to figure out that something is coming but you aren’t sure when. It forces you to go forward into darkness and areas that just scream “nope” all the while revealing a truly creepy story.

The problem with this game is it’s short. It should only take an hour or two to complete, and is not really worth playing again and again. After playing it once it would be fairly challenging to even really enjoy it. To make up for that it’s fairly cheap, and often goes on sale.

For those that like horror I highly recommend this game. It’s smart, enjoyable, and intense. I also can’t stress how well written it is, and how compelling the story is as a result. It made me want to check out other projects by David Szymanski (developer).

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Westworld Trailer

Westworld is set to premier in October, and HBO has finally released a full trailer for the series. It’s an effective look, building excitement for the series, while balancing questions and answers. It gives a deeper look at the plot, including the fact that the creators are losing control of their inventions and thus the world itself. However the intentions of everyone involved seems murkier at best, that is really the best way to go into the experience. If the trailer is correct this show will be intense, probably a bit heartbreaking, and more than a little dramatic. So far I am pretty excited to see what is unfolding for this show, but I guess we’ll know for sure in a little over a month.

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Don’t Breathe Takes Number One

Horror movie Don’t Breathe had a solid opening weekend. While it didn’t do amazing, it did easily take the number one spot. Not only that but it had a relatively small budget, ensuring the film got off to a good start. The only other opening movie that broke top ten was Mechanic: Resurrection, however it only managed to get number 5. The rest of the field remained largely unchanged from last week, just bringing in significantly less money in the process.

1: Don’t Breathe

2: Suicide Squad

3: Kubo and the Two Strings

4: Sausage Party

5: Mechanic: Resurrection

6: Pete’s Dragon

7: War Dogs

8: Bad Moms

9: Jason Bourne

10: Ben-Hur

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Nvidia Ansel Arrives for Witcher 3

When Nvidia announced their 10 series graphics cards, they also announced the impending arrival of their new screen capture technology – Ansel. While it was spoke of in conjunction with the 10 series cards, it works with cards from the 680M upwards (a list of compatible GPUs can be found here).

Ansel first arrived with Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst but was released for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt recently. I was able to have a bit of a play around with the new tech and it’s fun, intuitive and easy to use.


Pressing alt+f2 in-game pauses everything – combat included – and brings up a series of sliders that you can adjust to your liking. I usually edit most of my screenshots after taking them in Photoshop so some of the brightness & contrast options held no merit for me, but playing with field of view and the new 360 view capture was a blast and something I’d only been able to achieve previously by stitching a lot of photos together. There is also an option to create a “super resolution” image – 63,360 x 35,640 pixels. The amount of detail present in this particular mode is absolutely stunning and a great option for those who want to create high quality print outs of their screenshots.

Below are a couple images taken with the 360 view capture – there is a little “banding” but that may just come from the game itself.


Have you tried Nvidia Ansel? What do you think of it?


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Games with Gold September 2016

Xbox has announced their Games with Gold for September 2016. Xbox Live Gold members will be able to get the following games free next month.

Xbox One:












Earthlock: Festival of Magic: September 1st-30th

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China: September 16th- October 15th

Xbox 360:












Forza Horizon: September 1st-15th

Mirror’s Edge: September 16th-30th

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The Magnificent Seven: Jack Horn

Pushing forward we now have a short look at Jack Horn, The Hunter. This character vignette has a slightly different feel to it, perhaps because Jack is a slightly different character. Instead of focusing on the fighting skills he brings to the group, it is more about his conflicting personality types. He is violent, down on his luck, yet is almost defined by his deep faith. Here is a quick look.

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The Magnificent Seven: Another Character Vignette

Not long ago we talked about the series of vignettes Sony was putting out to advertise The Magnificent Seven. Today we have another one, for Billy Rocks. Billy is a knife expert and assassin. Despite his specialty with knives the trailer shows he is on top of other methods to kill as well. The hype is remaining strong as we get closer to the release date for this movie. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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The Witness Coming to Xbox One

The extremely popular PC and PS4 puzzle game is finding a new home. Creator Jonathan Blow informed IGN that The Witness would be coming to Xbox One. The game will be the same, as any drastic changes would change the core of the game Blow also went on to say. There will be a few technical changes because of the hardware, but nothing that should be overly apparent to gamers. The game should be available September 13, 2016, but there is still a bit of fine tuning to be done. They are also still working on an iOS version of the game, but when that will release is still unknown. The iOS version of the game would have to undergo some major changes so it might be a long time before we know anything solid.

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Anne of Green Gables Series Coming to Netflix

Netflix will be bringing the Lucy Maud Montgomery novel to a new home. The book follows orphaned Anne Shirley as she is adopted by a brother and sister in early 1900s. The family adopts her looking for a boy to help them on their farm, and are shocked when a daughter arrives. Anne has a very active imagination, and is unwilling to simply bite her tongue, so she struggles to fit in with her new family and the rural community. The books were considered staples for young girls for many years, but over time have been enjoyed by people of all ages and genders. In the 1980s Anne of Green Gables (and one of the sequels) was adapted into a very popular movie. Breaking Bad writer Moria Walley-Beckett is head writer, and executive producer. Along with her is a pretty solid supporting crew to help produce and write the show. The show is expected to air on CBC and begin streaming on Netflix in 2017. Everyone involved has high expectations for the show, focusing largely on the well loved character of Anne. As someone that remembers Anne from my childhood fondly, I am rather looking forward to what they will do with it. We will bring you more news as we are able.

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New Name for New Iron Man

Marvel is preparing to release their new Iron Man series, following woman lead Riri Williams. While discussing the new alias for the character they settled on Ironheart. They didn’t like the idea of naming her Iron Woman, that it would come off as old fashioned and negative to some readers. The choice to go with heart seemed to fit for many involved with the project. As fans will know, saving his heart was the reasoning for Tony Stark to first start on the path to being Iron Man. While Riri’s backstory is obviously different from Tony’s matters of the heart will remain a central theme with the comics. Writer Brian Michael Bendis said that the alias seemed perfect to everyone involved when they thought of it, and readers will likely respond the same way as well. The first issue will be out sometime this fall.

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Allison Road Back On

Back in June gamers got the sad news that Allison Road had been cancelled. The horror game was meant to be the spiritual successor to Silent Hills. The game was planned to take the style used in the playable teaser for Silent Hills, and turn it into a full game. Many horror fans were devastated to hear that it was cancelled. Now gamers have something to be happy about, because the creator of the game says it’s back on. Christian Kesler has founded a new company, Far From Home, and will be continuing to develop Allison Road under that label. The main reason for the cancellation was disagreements over the future of the game. Part of the team wanted to stick with the indie/kickstarter model, while another part wanted to find a publisher. Ultimately the disagreements led to the kickstarter and then the game being cancelled.

Before everyone gets too excited, there is more news. Kesler is taking on the game completely solo. This means two things, one that certain changes have to be made to the game. Some of the things used in the alpha will no longer make the final cut. Perhaps the biggest thing this will impact is development time. Kesler is not even hinting at a potential release date at this point because it’s such a big project. He said from the initial idea to where we were when the game got cancelled was nearly two years, so there is a long journey ahead of Kesler to finish this game. Still even knowing it’s far off is better than the game not coming out at all.

How do you feel about this news? How about the idea of a game taking the PT model for a full length game?

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Ben-Hur Has Bad Opening Weekend

The numbers are in, and the newest version of Ben-Hur did not do well. In fact the movie barely made number 5, only making a little more than Pete’s Dragon. Ben-Hur had a shockingly large budget for the type of movie it is, but only managed to bring in just over 11 million. At this rate the movie is going to go down as a major commercial flop. Suicide Squad once again saw a drop in numbers, yet managed to maintain the first place spot. The movie is not seeing any massive push to success but it is remaining fairly consistent, and more people are starting to give it positive feedback than it’s opening weeks. Kubo and the Two Strings opened to number 4 while War Dogs hit number 3.

1: Suicide Squad

2: Sausage Party

3: War Dogs

4: Kubo and the Two Strings

5: Ben-Hur

6: Pete’s Dragon

7: Bad Moms

8: Jason Bourne

9: The Secret Life of Pets

10: Florence Foster Jenkins

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Mary Jane Watson Cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming

More and more of the cast list is being revealed for the upcoming Spider-Man movie. Mary Jane has been cast and it might surprise a few people. Zendaya will be playing Mary Jane. Most of Zendaya’s acting credits have been for Disney Channel things, such as Shake It Up! so you might not know exactly who she is. However she has started to branch out in recent years. This is a pretty interesting casting choice and we’re excited to see how it plays out. Meanwhile Michael Keaton has been confirmed as Vulture the main villain of the movie. We will bring you move as news unfolds.

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The NeverEnding Story Fathom Event

Bastion and Falkor are making their way back to the big screen. Fathom will be doing a limited screening event of The NeverEnding Story on September 4th and September 7th. If The NeverEnding Story is not your thing than on the 11th you can see Labyrinth. To purchase tickets for either (or both) events, check out Fathom’s website. As with most Fathom events there will be additional features for these movies, including a never before seen featurette for The NeverEnding Story. 80s kids rejoice!

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The Magnificent Seven: Red Harvest

As the release date to The Magnificent Seven draws near, Sony is pushing the marketing for the movie. The latest is a series of character vignettes. Red Harvest is a Comanche character, though he has left his own tribe. He actually starts the film tracking the six, and then joins them to make The Magnificent Seven. The vignette is a nice look at the character, without feeling like it has spoiled too much. We will continue to bring you news as it is revealed, and look forward to seeing this movie when it releases September 23rd.