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Inside Coming to PS4… Maybe

Playdead who developed Limbo, recently released their newest game Inside. Like Limbo it was acclaimed as beautiful yet haunting. Across the board reviewers, and even gamers, have agreed that Inside was a perfect follow up to Limbo. When it first released Playdead did say that it would eventually be available for more than just Xbox One and PC. VG247 has started the rumor cycle declaring that according to a source that the game will be on PS4 by the end of August. This isn’t exactly the most reliable information, but we can certainly hope it’s true. Playdead’s games are amazing, and Inside deserves a larger audience. While GNU likes to limit the amount of rumors it reports (as they can often be wrong), we are hopeful that this time it’s at least partially based in fact. When we know for sure we will update you.


PlayStation just tweeted that it’s confirmed that Inside will be coming to PS4 August 23rd.

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