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Outlast 2 Delayed

Developers Red Barrels have announced that Outlast 2 will be delayed to Q1 2017. The follow up to the popular 2013 game was set to release this year, but was delayed to make sure the final product was flawless. The announcement expressed that the team hated to make this announcement, but that it was needed. They don’t want to release the game unless it’s horrifying, fulfilling, and in their words “tested to the extreme”. While it is always a bummer to hear about games being delayed sometimes it can be a good thing. While a game could be delayed too many times, often a delay or two helps to make sure the final product is the best it can be. It is only a few months of a delay, though it does mean Red Barrels will miss the holiday run. That being said if they manage to create something that was as wonderful as Outlast was at the time, then the wait will be worth it. If you’d like to read the full announcement you can see it here.

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