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Stunt Race Creator Comes to GTA Online

A new update is out for GTA Online and it comes with stunt race creator, and entourage mode. The stunt race creator is pretty self explanatory, it will allow gamers to create and share their own stunt races. A lot of time and care went into ensuring that the tools and features for this were seamless. Things will snap into place, checkpoints are easy to set, and many other features to help gamers be creative, without being overly challenged by the tools. Entourage is a new adversary mode. In it you will have to work with your team either as bodyguards or assassins. Bodyguards won’t have a full picture of enemies and locations, so communication will be a must for this gameplay mode. Both seem pretty interesting and we’re glad to see more for GTA online. So gamers get ready, you now have more reasons to keep on going back for more.

Let us know what you think?

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