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EA Expecting Slow Battlefield 1 Sales

Battlefield 1 is schedule to be released in October of this year. In a recent meeting a rep from EA said that they expected early sales to be lower than the history of the series. They aren’t anticipating bad sales, just that it might take a little longer to build it’s audience. They went on to say that despite they expect Battlefield 1 to be a success, and possibly even one of the top in the series. Some say this is EA being overly cautious as early responses to Battlefield 1 trailers and press has been positive.

On the other hand EA expects Titanfall 2 to out perform it’s predecessor. One of the biggest arguments they make for this expectation is that a significantly larger number of gamers have an Xbox One currently. Not only that, but that number is expected to jump with the launch of Xbox One S. The second major factor in favor of Titanfall 2 sales is that it will be on PS4 where as Titanfall was not. Personally I thought Titanfall was a decent game. It had a few hiccups, and sadly not a large enough player base for an online game. That being said, it was entertaining, and I am looking forward to Titanfall 2.

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