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Suicide Squad Unlikely to Release in China

While the final word hasn’t been given, the odds of a release in China are looking less and less likely. While the film has actually passed a number of censorship rules they simply don’t believe the movie is right for the Chinese audience. If the movie doesn’t release in China it will be a huge blow to the movie, and Warner Bros. Not only have DC movies been unsuccessful for the studio, but Suicide Squad was rather expensive to make. Sources at the studio have said that the movie needs to make 750-800 million to only break even. Due to a number of factors, many that worked on the film are no longer hoping for it to be a blockbuster but simply hoping it’s not a flop. It will be really interesting to see how this all plays out, and what it will mean for the future of Live Action DC films. It’s been fairly clear that something isn’t working, but it looks like branching out to the extended universe might not be the solution to all the problems.

Are you planning on seeing Suicide Squad this weekend?

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