Nerdy Anime Ladies

I love a good nerdy character, they are someone I can identify with. I see myself in their enthusiasm, dedication to their fandoms, and just general behaviors. I would like to talk about some of my favorite anime ladies that are super nerds.

Ami Mizuno, Sailor Moon

Ami really kind of challenges the idea of what makes a person a nerd. She is shy, and super dedicated to her school work which are personality traits that often result in others calling that person a nerd. However, she doesn’t show the same enthusiasm for a number of nerdy things like even some of the other girls do. She does have her hobbies that are a bit nerdy, and she is the one with the most knowledge of a number of things including technology. While she doesn’t exhibit the craziness that many others on this list will she does deserve her place.

Ed, Cowboy Bebop


You can’t talk technology nerd without mentioning Ed. Despite being a child she is a super hacker, and only getting better. She loves technology, all of, and does not lack for energy when it comes to her given hobby. Ed’s nerdiness might be more focused but it’s certainly there.

Konata, Lucky Star


You have to give credit where it’s due with this one. Konata actually has the potential to be very good in school, excellent in sports, and an all around success story. However she would much rather play games, read manga, and watch anime. She does exactly as much as she needs to in order to be allowed to enjoy her hobbies and nothing more.

“Game Creation Club”, D-Frag!

It’s kind of a cheap move to include a whole group of women, but it’s very hard to separate which one would be the biggest nerd. They are indeed all nerds, and all very passionate about their games. They are goofy, enthusiastic, and have made gaming a main focus of their lives. They also don’t let silly things, such as the rest of life, to get in the way of them and their fun.

Umaru, Himouto! Umaru-chan


I have to say she is up there with Konata with her level of dedication to nerdom. The biggest difference, she actually attempts to hide it at school, otherwise they are on pretty equal playing field. Umaru is not just a nerd but she’s made it an art form. Many episodes include Umaru breaking down how to best utilize your time in order to cram the most into it. She likes to tell you to read manga while waiting for loading screens. With the right protection on your stuff, bath time is great handheld gaming time. I look on her with awe, I could do so much more to be a much better nerd.

Who are some of your favorite anime ladies that also happen to be big nerds?

Let us know what you think?

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