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Rob Zombie’s 31 Special Event with Fathom

Fathom Events is teaming up with Saban Films (distributor), to bring a special event for the movie 31. On September 1st selected theaters will have a one night showing of Rob Zombie’s newest film. Along with the film itself there will be a music video premier, and a making of special. Like many of Zombie’s films 31 is an over the top gorey experience. There does seem to be a divide with his films, some horror fans loving them, some not caring for them. I will say good or bad, Rob Zombie brings something uniquely him to each one of his films. For those that miss the Fathom screening it will be released on VOD September 16th, and then in theaters October 21st. If you want to see the Fathom special check this site for locations and times. If you haven’t heard of the movie it follows five friends who are kidnapped and taken to Murder World. While there they must participate in a game called “31”, and survive while a gang of clowns attempts to kill them.


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