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Allison Road Back On

Back in June gamers got the sad news that Allison Road had been cancelled. The horror game was meant to be the spiritual successor to Silent Hills. The game was planned to take the style used in the playable teaser for Silent Hills, and turn it into a full game. Many horror fans were devastated to hear that it was cancelled. Now gamers have something to be happy about, because the creator of the game says it’s back on. Christian Kesler has founded a new company, Far From Home, and will be continuing to develop Allison Road under that label. The main reason for the cancellation was disagreements over the future of the game. Part of the team wanted to stick with the indie/kickstarter model, while another part wanted to find a publisher. Ultimately the disagreements led to the kickstarter and then the game being cancelled.

Before everyone gets too excited, there is more news. Kesler is taking on the game completely solo. This means two things, one that certain changes have to be made to the game. Some of the things used in the alpha will no longer make the final cut. Perhaps the biggest thing this will impact is development time. Kesler is not even hinting at a potential release date at this point because it’s such a big project. He said from the initial idea to where we were when the game got cancelled was nearly two years, so there is a long journey ahead of Kesler to finish this game. Still even knowing it’s far off is better than the game not coming out at all.

How do you feel about this news? How about the idea of a game taking the PT model for a full length game?

Let us know what you think?

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