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magikthegamer: Streamer Highlight

For the last few years streaming has found it’s place in the video game world. Fans of games have turned to Twitch and Beam as a new way to experience gaming, and interacting with other games. As a casual streamer, and viewer myself I have had the great pleasure of meeting some wonderful streamers. I would like to take the time to introduce you to some of the great streamers out there.

magikthegamer is an Australian based streamer on Beam. He is one of the most friendly streamers you will ever have the pleasure of meeting, and wants everyone in his community to feel like they can express themselves. He is open and works hard to over come the challenges that come with streaming from AUS. He plays a variety of games, and features horror games on Friday nights.

Name/Channel Name:


How did the name come about?

Growing up and to this day I have always had a fascination and love for the fantasy genre. Knights, Elves, Dwarves, and my two favorite things Dragons and Magic.

This translated to the type of PC games I preferred to play and the type of characters I would play. In short, anytime I am able to play a character that has magical abilities I played it- Wizards, Warlocks, Healers, etc etc.

As I was thinking about coming up with a name, just made sense as I was a Magic based character player and a “gamer”- just put the two together 😀

I changed Magic to Magik to use an older spelling of the word to stand out as a user name.

Theme of Channel/Types of Games you play:


Initially I started out as a World of Warcraft streamer, because that was my main game I played. But after time, I have evolved the stream to a variety cast streamer. Including playing games in genres I would have normally never played. I’m now playing games lik ARK Survival Evolved, Rebel Galaxy, The Darksiders Franchise, and every Friday night I have theme night called Friday Fright Night where I play a Horror/Jump scare game – Outlast, Dead Space 1 and 2, Slender Man just to name a couple.

Lastly, the channel is designed for people to feel like they are a mate to the channel and treated like one. Like with Aussie, all mates like to get together and just have a good time – that is what I try to build for the Magik Realm community.

What drew you to Beam/Streaming? What makes you use Beam more than say YouTube?

Being a full time worker and father of two – I really do not have much time to spend capturing and editing videos. But the main issues is uploading the final result to YouTube with my upload speed – it would probably take just as long to upload a video to the capturing, editing process (ok a bitch of a stretch but, yea its pretty shocking).

My down time to game is actually spent live streaming and I find this more satisfying because I get the reactions there and then, as the stream is live.

What drew me to Beam was via a friend who made the transition to Beam from Twitch, whom I modded for on Twitch, and still do to this day on Beam.

I spent about 2 months on Beam with said friend just to see what it was all about and to see what it could offer that other platforms could not. I also spent that time networking, going into all types of channels, but particularly ones that were on around the times I would stream – just to get my name out there in the event I ended up deciding to try my hand streaming on the Beam site.

The selling point for me on the platform was 2-3 second delay, on my test stream to Beam I felt I was able to keep a conversation following, no having to wait to see if people reply back or not.

Transcoding was another one, I was able to provide stream quality options right off the bat. So I could already tailor my stream quality for mobile users and the like.


The real interesting one was the interactive side of things, where you could setup a soundboard on your profile for viewers/followers to use but also be able to create interactive gaming. For example, if you play Minecraft, you can setup interactive feature where you can have people control your movement or spawn creatures or events.

Is there anything specific about the Beam community that you really like?

I would like to say for the record that I am not here to bash any platform, nor am I here to act as a sales man for any platform either. We are all streamers and gamers and it should not matter what platform you stream on – just as it should not matter what gaming platform you game on.

What I am going to say here is to share my opinions of my experiences.

In my experience, the camaraderie and support shown by the Beam community has been most welcoming and supportive, especially when starting out. With the networking I mentioned above, a lot of the partnered streamers I went into wanted to know if I was a streamer and find out about myself.

It was a little strange, as it is a bit of a no no to speak about yourself or promote yourself as it could come across as a form of advertising. But still follow the rule, if you are not asked don’t say anything.

There are also forms which have very actives users, so whether you are a viewer or a streamer, you can pose questions and you get answers from other viewers, streamers, and down to the Community Manager, Beam Staff, or the Founders.

What do you like most about your own personal community? Is there anything you’d like to tell them?

What do I like most about my community? That is a very hard question to answer because each individual person that is apart of the Magik Realm brings in their own unique aspect of being a viewer.

But I would probably have to say, that despite my internet limitations and the time I start streaming at, everyone still shows up to the stream and we all have a blast together – does no matter what I am playing or rambling about.

We have all shared good and not so good moments of the stream together, and I feel that makes the community strong – as its all shared together, there is no real individualism.

How long have you been streaming?

I have been streaming since Sept/Oct 2014 and made the move to Beam in March 2016.

What do you feel your strengths and weaknesses are as a streamer?

I feel my strength is that I treat each one of my viewers and followers as mates. I talk to them, find out how things are going for them, engage in conversations and that I am some what entertaining 😀

My weakness(es) is that I am aware that sometimes I “focus face” too much on a certain type of games or if I really want to pass a certain areas. I don’t use as much eye contact as I feel I should. Both of these I am continually working on to improve stream.

Did I mention I have S*** internet? 😉

Do you have any advice for people new to streaming?

I firmly believe that if you are going to stream, stream for the fun and enjoyment of it all.

Do a bit of research before hand before starting streaming. When I started I had no idea what Twitch was, nor anything about streaming, etiquette, etc. I pretty much taught myself everything – as streaming has become bigger over the last couple of years I have been doing it – there is a heap of information out there. Forum posts, blogs, YouTube tutorials for new streamers to utilize.

Lastly and the big one I would recommend is to network – networking is key. Take some time before you start to stream.

You never know when one day when you are streaming, the people you have visited might have a night off and be looking for someone new to look at. If going through the list and they see your name, it will trigger them to say, “Oh… such and such is a regular viewer in my stream”. And from there who knows what can happen for you.

Do you have any events coming up on your channel you would like to shout out?


I wouldn’t say I have events, but one new addition to my stream schedule I am currently in the process of doing is the Magik Challenge Mode.

The idea of this is to have people suggest a challenge for me to achieve on stream… it could be game related, such as complete x game in/on y difficulty, or finish game in z amount of deaths, or complete doing a pure melee run. Or stream challenges where for example I cannot swear for a whole stream, or achieve an amount of viewers for a week, amount of follows.

All of these can be submitted via an online form and as challenges are accepted – there will be a running chart of success vs fail.

What made you decide to switch to beam?

I was in a really bad rut on Twitch. On a daily basis I was struggling with everything regarding my stream. I was at the point of giving up, despite the awesome daily encouragement from my mod team to keep going.

I was also dealing with some pretty dark personal issues as well, which amplified how I was feeling about streaming and life in general.

Around the start of this year, a streaming and close friend of mine – decided to try this new platform based on a recommendation they received. As part of their mod team, I came over to show my support, but also to find out what this site could offer over where I was at the time.

After about 2 months being around the platform, I felt there was no harm in trying, worse case for me was if it didn’t work out, I still have a platform to stream on. I did a two week trail on Beam and decided to make the switch after a successful two weeks there.

What would you say is the biggest difference between the Beam community and Twitch?

I would not say there is a big difference between the two platforms and their community, each platform and its community is built around the culture of the streamer – I have heard the Beam people say things against Twitch, and Twitch people against Beam.

What I have noticed, at the present, that there is less toxicity and trolls at Beam vs Twitch. It does make streaming more enjoyable – but knowledge of Beam will eventually bring in this aspect of the internet and streaming.

I have also found it is a little bit easier to get the starting up and support you need as a streamer. Sure that is available on other platform, but in my experience you have to stumble on it.

Do you think you will return to twitch or just stick with beam?

At the present moment, I am happy where I am. If there is a time where I have to decide where my streaming future lies, I will look at my options then. For now I am enjoying what I am doing and where I am and that is my main focus for streaming. I hope my viewers and followers can see that – especially those who have been with me for a long time.

How do you handle the challenges of AUS internet and streaming? Does it strongly effect game choice?

Basically my internet is out of my control – I’ve gone from 500-600 Kbps to 384 Kbps and yes that affects the game choices.

At lower upload speeds, you need to remember that high motion games like a FPS or MMO will make your screen look pixelated – so at the time I moved to games like Final Fantasy 7 and while there was still some blurry screen every now and then, people could actually watch.

But no only does it affect the games, it affects other streaming aspects. For me I could only have OBS and Ankbot open – I could not have any voice com program running for multiplayer games.

Now I am running with a 4G mobile broadband device which allows me to stream pretty much what I want now and have voice coms and other things open to make streaming a bit easier to manage – this also has some challenges such as sudden drop outs or speed being sucked to dial up speeds for no reason – as this is mobile wireless technology.

Do you have advice for other AUS streamers specifically?

I have a catch phrase I use in my stream – “Hi I’m magik, I’m Australian, and I have S*** internet”

I don’t let my limitations stop me. I focused on the things I was able to control and no focus too heavily about the things I could not.

One of my originals goals was to prove to people – not specifically Australians, but they were the main target – that you can stream with limitations. Also to be aware of what you can and cannot do streaming wise before you start.

You just need to find something that connects you to your viewers. Build and feed off that and you will form a core group of people who will return no matter what. It might take awhile for you to find that, but when you do – the sky is the limit for your streaming career.


Everyone you can find magikthegamer at:

Also follow his twitter for more updates:

Thank you magik for the great interview and we wish you the best going forward. Everyone make sure to check him out, you won’t be disappointed.

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