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Mini Review: SLC Punk 2

When I first realized there was a sequel to SLC Punk, my reaction was not a positive one. If I were to make a list of movies that did not need a sequel SLC Punk would be on it. However, after some reflection I realized it wasn’t fair for me to say the movie was bad without watching it. So I watched it, and I was surprised. It was actually worse than I thought it would be. I went in expecting a half cocked rip off of the original movie. Instead I got something that felt like poorly written fanfiction brought to life. I realize that is harsh, but it’s rather hard not to be harsh about the movie.

The movie follows the story of Heroine Bob’s apparent son. Bob plays an after life narrator for the movie, commenting on his son being lost and needing to grow. His son goes off on an “adventure” with two friends. It is a fairly standard coming of age indie movie plot, just with awkward pacing. While this is happening Bob also narrates a side adventure with the kid’s mom and important friends of his. In fact Bob also talks about how these adult characters were all major features in his life despite them not being part of the original. It attempts to shoe horn in their importance to Bob’s life which just felt awkward and further points out how disconnected this movie is from the original.

Bob’s son and his friends are forgettable and pretty hard to empathize with. The side story following the mother and Bob’s “friends” is forgettable and doesn’t belong. The pacing is weak, and every connection to the original feels entirely forced. Ultimately that is the problem. On it’s own this is a sub-par coming of age story with forgettable characters. Add forcing a connection to a movie that it has no business being associated with just makes it sub-par AND muddled. I hate being this negative (unless something is actually offensive), but I simply can’t find much positive to say about this movie.

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