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Insomniac Games Added to Picket List

Since October 21st SAG-AFTRA has been picketing many developers and publishers in the video game industry. It has been announced that Insomniac Games has been added to the list. During the month of November the union is planning to picket outside the development offices of Insomniac. They are not the first that have been hit with a picket, and will be joining the likes of EA and Warner Bros. The pickets have been a result of a failure to come to terms over many of the unions demands. The union stands by that the demands are not so out of hand, and what they are asking for is entirely fair. One of the biggest demands was that actors receive “full scale payment” for every 500,000 units sold. Another addressed the “secrecy” issue of games, citing that actors have to sometime audition for parts with knowing nothing about them. In return the gaming industry has offered a 9% wage increase, but many still claim it’s not enough. That voice acting for video games is vastly unfair in comparison to other forms of voice acting. Multiple voice actors have stepped forward in support of the strike including Jennifer Hale and Wil Wheaton. Problems range from under pay, to odd hours, to there being no further compensation for motion capture. Crispin Freeman has stated that this is about the industry treating voice actors as though they don’t matter. It is sad that the strike is still going, and even sadder to watch the list of developers being struck grow. I personally hope to see a good ending to this strike. While I do love video games, it is important that the industry treat it’s voice actors fairly and in a way that is comparable to other industries. If you are curious as to what games are specifically being struck and which are not you can visit these links. Struck and Non-Struck

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