Meet the Team

Megan E. Pearson: Site Owner, Head Writer

Megan is a writer by trade, nerd by passion. You can find her writing at various places around the web.

Tenneiyl: Contributor

Tenneiyl has been an avid Blizzard gamer since she was 9 years old, beginning her career with Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. In 2007 she picked up World of Warcraft and hasn’t looked back since. When Tenny isn’t playing Warcraft, she can be found lurking around on various other fantasy rpgs such as the Elder Scrolls series, the Witcher or trying really hard not to die in Fallout 4. She is a photographer by trade, a gamer by choice and a writer because sometimes it’s just so much easier than talking.

Shannon McLean: Contributor

Shannon is a freelance writer/librarian/gamer girl/dog lover/professional wrestling fan/unicorn/nerd geek hybrid. She is working on an original comic book series, and turning a school bus into a tiny mobile home! Follow her on Facebook, Instagram,Twitteryou know the drill.

Senpai Ben: Head Editor

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