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The Magnificent Seven Has A Solid Opening

The numbers are in and The Magnificent Seven did well overall. It managed to take the number one spot and bring in $35 million. That is a fairly large number, though a bit on the low side considering it’s budget. However, given the movie’s content and genre this is right where it needs to be. A solid opening weekend followed by consistent numbers is what will make this movie a success, and it seems well on it’s way to pulling that off. Sully dropped down to third place though it still performing admirably. Blair Witch made a massive drop down to number six, falling just shy of the $4 million mark.

1: The Magnificent Seven

2: Storks

3: Sully

4: Bridget Jones’s Baby

5: Snowden

6: Blair Witch

7: Don’t Breathe

8: Suicide Squad

9: When the Bough Breaks

10: Kubo and the Two Strings

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Don’t Breathe Takes Number One

Horror movie Don’t Breathe had a solid opening weekend. While it didn’t do amazing, it did easily take the number one spot. Not only that but it had a relatively small budget, ensuring the film got off to a good start. The only other opening movie that broke top ten was Mechanic: Resurrection, however it only managed to get number 5. The rest of the field remained largely unchanged from last week, just bringing in significantly less money in the process.

1: Don’t Breathe

2: Suicide Squad

3: Kubo and the Two Strings

4: Sausage Party

5: Mechanic: Resurrection

6: Pete’s Dragon

7: War Dogs

8: Bad Moms

9: Jason Bourne

10: Ben-Hur

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The Magnificent Seven: Jack Horn

Pushing forward we now have a short look at Jack Horn, The Hunter. This character vignette has a slightly different feel to it, perhaps because Jack is a slightly different character. Instead of focusing on the fighting skills he brings to the group, it is more about his conflicting personality types. He is violent, down on his luck, yet is almost defined by his deep faith. Here is a quick look.

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The Magnificent Seven: Another Character Vignette

Not long ago we talked about the series of vignettes Sony was putting out to advertise The Magnificent Seven. Today we have another one, for Billy Rocks. Billy is a knife expert and assassin. Despite his specialty with knives the trailer shows he is on top of other methods to kill as well. The hype is remaining strong as we get closer to the release date for this movie. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Ben-Hur Has Bad Opening Weekend

The numbers are in, and the newest version of Ben-Hur did not do well. In fact the movie barely made number 5, only making a little more than Pete’s Dragon. Ben-Hur had a shockingly large budget for the type of movie it is, but only managed to bring in just over 11 million. At this rate the movie is going to go down as a major commercial flop. Suicide Squad once again saw a drop in numbers, yet managed to maintain the first place spot. The movie is not seeing any massive push to success but it is remaining fairly consistent, and more people are starting to give it positive feedback than it’s opening weeks. Kubo and the Two Strings opened to number 4 while War Dogs hit number 3.

1: Suicide Squad

2: Sausage Party

3: War Dogs

4: Kubo and the Two Strings

5: Ben-Hur

6: Pete’s Dragon

7: Bad Moms

8: Jason Bourne

9: The Secret Life of Pets

10: Florence Foster Jenkins

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Mary Jane Watson Cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming

More and more of the cast list is being revealed for the upcoming Spider-Man movie. Mary Jane has been cast and it might surprise a few people. Zendaya will be playing Mary Jane. Most of Zendaya’s acting credits have been for Disney Channel things, such as Shake It Up! so you might not know exactly who she is. However she has started to branch out in recent years. This is a pretty interesting casting choice and we’re excited to see how it plays out. Meanwhile Michael Keaton has been confirmed as Vulture the main villain of the movie. We will bring you move as news unfolds.

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The NeverEnding Story Fathom Event

Bastion and Falkor are making their way back to the big screen. Fathom will be doing a limited screening event of The NeverEnding Story on September 4th and September 7th. If The NeverEnding Story is not your thing than on the 11th you can see Labyrinth. To purchase tickets for either (or both) events, check out Fathom’s website. As with most Fathom events there will be additional features for these movies, including a never before seen featurette for The NeverEnding Story. 80s kids rejoice!

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The Magnificent Seven: Red Harvest

As the release date to The Magnificent Seven draws near, Sony is pushing the marketing for the movie. The latest is a series of character vignettes. Red Harvest is a Comanche character, though he has left his own tribe. He actually starts the film tracking the six, and then joins them to make The Magnificent Seven. The vignette is a nice look at the character, without feeling like it has spoiled too much. We will continue to bring you news as it is revealed, and look forward to seeing this movie when it releases September 23rd.

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New Arrival Trailer

Arrival is Sony Pictures’ newest take on the “first contact” movie. It follows a language expert, played by Amy Adams, who is brought in when space crafts land on Earth. She is desperately struggling to find out what these aliens want while the various governments around the world are instantly perceiving this as a threat. While not an official sub-genre “first contact” movies have an interesting place in the sci-fi world. They can focus on a number of different aspects, and allow people to really discuss the idea of how humans will react if contact is ever made. The movie itself is based on a short story that was well received. The trailer looks interesting, with a good blend of actual dealing with the aliens as well as human relations. It has an all star cast and I have to say I am getting pretty excited to see this.

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Suicide Squad Number One

Despite mixed (and even negative) reviews, Suicide Squad is still number one. Viewer reactions have been mixed, but most are saying the movie is entertaining. Warner Brothers made no secret of the fact that this movie had to do well, or it would mean bad things for the future of DC movies. While it’s sales aren’t through the roof (in fact it suffered a pretty massive drop), they are there. Sausage Party had a fairly solid opening, and Pete’s Dragon managed to hit 3rd place.

1: Suicide Squad

2: Sausage Party

3: Pete’s Dragon

4: Jason Bourne

5: Bab Moms

6: The Secret Life of Pets

7: Star Trek Beyond

8: Florence Foster Jenkins

9: Nine Lives

10: Lights Out

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New Villain for Spider-Man Homecoming

Not long ago it was announced that Michael Keaton would be joining the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming. It seems that Keaton won’t be the only villain in the upcoming film however. Michael Chernus will be playing Phineas Mason, in the new movie. Chernus is probably best known for his part in Orange is the New Black. Keaton’s exact role in the film is still unknown as of yet. We know that the Vulture is set to be the main baddie, but not who will be playing him. Either way it’s shaping up to be an all star cast. Keaton and Chernus are also joined by Marisa Tomei, and Donald Glover to name a few. We know that this is Marvel Studios first shot at doing Spider-Man on their own, so they are pulling out all the stops to make sure it’s a hit. They will also continue to ensure that Spider-Man can move seamlessly into the Marvel Movie universe. As always we will bring you more news as we can.

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New Magnificent Seven Trailer

Magnificent Seven is coming out in a few short weeks, and Sony is pushing the trailers and spots for the movie. The latest, For Hire, highlights a few of the characters and their roles. Magnificent Seven is of course a remake of the 1960s film, which was based on Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. The film looks like it will embrace what made the older movies so great, while bringing it forward to a modern age. On a personal note I love seeing the Western genre receive new blood, and am hoping this film is as good as it looks. Check out the new trailer, and then see Magnificent Seven September 23rd.

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More Bad News for Divergent Fans

The first bit of bad news came when it was announced that the final part of the movie series would not receive a theatrical release. Allegiant performed poorly, and while they wanted to finish the series out, it no longer made sense to release them in theaters. Miles Teller has now come forward to say that he doesn’t know if he will finish out his role in the movies. Apparently the choice to cut theatrical releases was not something discussed with many of the people involved, and it has changed their opinions on continuing on. Teller was disappointed by the change, and while he has not actually decided he did imply that he didn’t know if he was even still contracted for the movies (since it specifically highlights theatrical releases in his contract). He doesn’t feel very motivated to continue with the series, especially with the lack of communication from the studio. Even Shailene Woodley was shocked by the news, she read it on the internet before anyone contacted her. While I can understand deciding against theatrical releases for the end of the series, it’s a little shocking to find out that no one seems to have been told about this. The series is already suffering, this mismanagement on the part of those in charge might do more damage. Actors leaving before it’s over could be the final nail in the coffin for the series. It was disappointing to see how poorly the third movie did in comparison to the other two, but this doesn’t seem like the best possible solution. We will bring you more news as it becomes available.

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Suicide Squad Unlikely to Release in China

While the final word hasn’t been given, the odds of a release in China are looking less and less likely. While the film has actually passed a number of censorship rules they simply don’t believe the movie is right for the Chinese audience. If the movie doesn’t release in China it will be a huge blow to the movie, and Warner Bros. Not only have DC movies been unsuccessful for the studio, but Suicide Squad was rather expensive to make. Sources at the studio have said that the movie needs to make 750-800 million to only break even. Due to a number of factors, many that worked on the film are no longer hoping for it to be a blockbuster but simply hoping it’s not a flop. It will be really interesting to see how this all plays out, and what it will mean for the future of Live Action DC films. It’s been fairly clear that something isn’t working, but it looks like branching out to the extended universe might not be the solution to all the problems.

Are you planning on seeing Suicide Squad this weekend?

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Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in The Division

Ubisoft Motion Pictures is moving forward with a movie based on the game, The Division. Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal have both signed on to star in the film. Their exact roles have yet to be announced, so they might be playing characters directly from the game, or completely unique characters for the movie. Not only will the two star in the movie but their own production companies will actually be directly involved with the project as well. Chastain’s company Freckle Films and Gyllenhaal’s Nine Stories signed on with the actors. Jessica Chastain seems perfect for the project, as she has proven herself in darker roles. Gyllenhaal is not a bad actor, but he’s already been in a failed video game movie (Prince of Persia). It is still very early yet so anything beyond just knowing they are involved is pure speculation. We will bring you more news as it becomes available.

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Nerve Has Disappointing Opening

This weekend had a few opening movies. Bad Moms and Jason Bourne both performed fairly well, making the top three. Star Trek Beyond was displaced by Jason Bourne but was able to hold on to the number two spot. Nerve however had a poor opening. The movie only hit number 8. Overall movies that had already opened did about as well as expected. While not a weekend film The Killing Joke did manage to make over 3 million during it’s two day run this week.

1: Jason Bourne

2: Star Trek Beyond

3: Bad Moms

4: The Secret Life of Pets

5: Lights Out

6: Ice Age: Collision Course

7: Ghostbusters

8: Nerve

9: Finding Dory

10: The Legend of Tarzan

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Impressions: Batman: The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke is by far one of the darker Batman comics ever written. The comic blended a look at Joker’s past with what the reality of the relationship between Batman and The Joker was coming to. In it Batman gives a speech about knowing that they are on a path where one will have to kill the other. Batman doesn’t want this to happen, The Joker wants to drive him to it.

It was a little surprising to hear that this comic was being made into an animated movie. The material is very dark, and in the past Batman animated movies/series have stayed slightly more on the kid friendly side. Frankly there is no way to make The Killing Joke kid friendly while still honoring the source material. However when setting out to make this movie, the worries about a broad audience weren’t considered. The Killing Joke as a movie was meant to be exactly what it was as a comic, a dark look into the psyche of one of the most insane enemies in the world of Batman, if not comics overall.

Going into it, I was a bit confused as to what to expect. The challenge would be turning a relatively short comic into a feature length film, as well as building up the four essential characters of the story. The movie took an interesting approach in that it focused largely on Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) in the beginning before shifting. The movie is really two parts, Barbara’s case in which her relationship with Batman is explored. Following that we kick off with The Killing Joke. Barbara is often a forgotten character when people talk about The Killing Joke. While The Joker is clearly looking to torture Commissioner Gordon and then Batman, his means of doing so his attack on Barbara.

Choosing to give half the movie over to her helps to remind people that she suffers just as greatly as everyone else in the story. It also builds a deeper emotional attachment to her both via Batman, and the audience. Interestingly enough there is also a direct parallel between a criminal who is “in love” with Batgirl and Joker’s relationship with Batman. At the end of it all the attack on Barbara is not shown in much more detail than it was in the comics, but the impact is massive. You’ve had some time to see her develop with Batman then watch her be taken down in a cruel, and frankly disgusting manner.

This also drives Gordon’s mental torture further. Gordon being forced to watch what The Joker did to his only daughter was difficult to read in the comics, it’s equally unsettling in the movie. The one aspect that is damaged by this is the rather startling ending. Batman reacts pretty poorly to Barbara’s attack in the comic, but pulls himself in for Gordon. Having a deeper relationship build between the two, but still seeing him be so controlled is slightly less believable. You can make the argument that Batman has to hold it together for Barbara and Gordon even more because of the depth of the relationship, but it remains a slightly iffy choice.

As far as translation from comic to big screen this was pretty flawless. The art choice is interesting as The Killing Joke had a lot darker style. Yet it’s a perfect way to tie it in to Batman TAS as it was clearly meant to be. Bringing back so many of the voice actors was also lovely, only that cast could have really pulled it off. It feels in part like a blast from the past, and Batman TAS, while still feeling new and approachable for those maybe unfamiliar with the older series.

There is also the added bonus of bringing moments to life like the comic was unable to. Most notable is probably The Joker’s song that he sings while attempting to drive Gordon mad. Seeing The Killing Joke in a new format was something truly wonderful. It’s a comic that deserved to be seen in film form, and was done well.


At the end of the day, much like the comic it’s hard for me to say that I liked this. It was extremely well done, but a rough ride, and makes “like” feel like the wrong word. The content of the story is nothing to sniff at, and it will make you uncomfortable at times. Yet it’s more than worth watching, and impossible for me not to appreciate.