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World of Warcraft: Legion Review

*This post contains some minor spoilers relating the Legion quest experience.*

It’s been almost 3 weeks since World of Warcraft’s latest expanion, Legion, was released. In that time I have logged 5 days, 2 hours and 6 minutes of max level play time. But that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Legion gets a lot right. It clears the sour taste from the mouths of those who found Warlords of Draenor unsatisfying. It offers a plethora of choice from practically the moment you log in.

Having completed all of the pre-patch content offered, I began Legion’s launch in Dalaran, the revamped capital of the expansion, waiting with the crowd for the expansion to go live. I had braced myself for the crashes, the disconnects, the lag… and none of that came. Launches, launch week, notorious for all the issues players experience, seem to be a thing of the past with Blizzard compensating for the amount of pressure the servers would be under and devising a clever strategy to funnel players to various parts of the world. More on that in a bit.


Players begin with a call from Khadgar to move Dalaran – an impressive feat – and are then funneled immediately into their class artifact questline. This is based on what specialisation you’d like to play, with each spec getting it’s own weapon and thus a (relatively) unique questline to achieve this. As I did not play in the beta, I chose my tanking weapons first unsure of how the actual artifact power system worked. My questline sent me to retrieve the claws of the bear god, Ursoc, with the blessing of his brother, Ursol. Without saying much more, I was thoroughly impressed and admittedly very moved with the entire experience. It was something unique, very personal (for someone attached to their class) and a lot of fun. Having done a few other artifact questlines since then, it’s a fun little system that tests you at the specialisation you’d like the weapon for but this feels less like a test and more like something you would innately do because you play that spec.

Additionally, each questline that I completed (and certainly with my initial “launch” decision) sent me off into the older parts of World of Warcraft, lessening the load on the servers and certainly smoothing out the questing experience by implementing a lot of new phasing tech and using single player scenarios to their advantage. Once you’ve acquired your new weapon, the questing experience begins.


Blizzard chose to take leveling in a new direction with Legion. Normally, players begin new content in a pretty typical way – you’re given a new quest, go to the new area, and begin in the first zone – usually good for a couple levels, then on to the next one. This time, the zones scale with your level – and while this didn’t seem like a huge deal when it was first announced, playing the game with this new system was awesome. Being able to pick one of four leveling zones immediately worked to dissipate even more of the usual traffic. In addition, questlines were phased into stages – you’re not entirely cut off, but there’s not a huge amount of competition. Solving another typical launch day problem, mob “tapping”, Blizzard introduced a faction-tag system for everything on the Broken Isles. If your faction tagged it, you’re eligible for loot and kill confirmations.

While these things don’t necessarily seem like they’re a huge difference, it’s the little things and changes that are really making Legion stand apart from the previous expansions.  Removing the typical launch day woes was a great start in hooking people, the questlines in each zones were amazing, well thought, and peppered with cutscenes that tug at the heartstrings (looking at you, Val’Sharah).

The fun doesn’t end there, though. Hitting 110 (the new level cap) introduces a new zone, Suramar. Here we meet the Nightborne and their ancient city, Suramar (yes, zone Suramar & city Suramar). This gorgeous, twilight-ridden city is plagued by the Legion, let in by their Grand Magistrix. The Nightborne elite are living a life of luxury, while their civilian counterparts are suffering under their new regime. Did I mention they’re all addicted to mana? We ally up with a renegade faction of Nightborne determined to take their city back from the Legion and free up the ancient mana supplies they’re all craving, lest they succumb to the “withering”, becoming mindless, zombie-like withered without much shred of humanity (elfanity?) left.

World quests replace the typical dailies, going with the “pick your own adventure” feel of the expansion. These are quests activated by entering the area they’re in, rewarding anything from gold, to gear, order hall resources, or raw materials for your professions. They also award a small amount of rep toward their assigned faction. You’re given an emissary quest each day asking you to complete 4 world quests for the faction RNG gives you that day. If you wanted to complete all your world quests that day, you’d be there for a long while.


With the plethora of content to work on – be it questlines, professions, PvP, or PvE progression, Legion looks incredibly promising in it’s early days. Patch 7.1 has been announced and while it also looks like it will deliver some really great content, I am happily sinking my teeth into all Legion currently has to offer with no signs of slowing down.



Rest in Peace Gene Wilder

For many Gene Wilder will forever be Willy Wonka, and for good reason. Wilder brought something special to every role that he took, and made it his own. For me, I will remember him best for his performances in Mel Brooks’ films. He was truly something unique, and was important in a number of different roles throughout the decades. There is not a lot to say other than how sad we are to hear of his passing. So here’s to a comedy great.



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Legion To Do: Endless Damage Wave 30

With the Legion pre-patch closing in fast, I’ve been working through the remainder of the things I wrote about in my To Do Before Legion post. Today, I completed Endless Damage (Wave 30) which rewards the title The Proven Assailant if you didn’t complete it in Mists of Pandaria. You can find the video guide also at the bottom of this post.

To begin with, you’ll want to drop your item level as low as possible. For a reference, you can find my druid’s armory profile below:


Poisonous on the armory means – in this case – Mark of the Thunderlord on my weapon. I would recommend the Mirror of the Blademaster in place of the Infallible Tracking Charm. Once you’ve done this, check your glyphs and talents below:


The only necessary talents are Incarnation: King of the Jungle and Bloodclaws. In addition, the only absolutely necessary glyph is Glyph of Savage Roar. You’ll want to buff yourself with 125 critical strike food and an agility flask.

You’ll want to start every wave with Bloodclaws up and in stealth.

Wave 1: 4 amber-shapers and a group of vermin in the middle. AoE the vermin (with Mirror of the Blademaster if possible) and DoT up the amber-shapers. They’ll die easily.

Wave 2: 1 Small Amber-Shaper, 1 Small Mystic, 2 Large Guardians, 1 Small Banshee. Focus down the mystic, DoT the guardians and the amber-shaper, burn the banshee as it spawns.

Wave 3: 2 Large Banana Tossers, 18 Large Varmints. This wave is why Mirror of the Blademaster is a good choice to make up for the lack of feral AoE. You’ll want to try and open on the banana tossers and thrash to DoT all of the vermin. Drop your Mirror images in the middle if you have the trinket.

Wave 4: 1 Large Amber-Weaver, 4 Large Guardians, 1 Small Banshee. Cooldowns used: Ring. In this wave you’ll want to open on a guardian and pop your ring immediately. Run around and DoT each guardian up and try and use the amber globules to your advantage. Burn the amber shaper down and then ensure the banshee dies.

Wave 5: 1 Small Banana Tosser, 1 Small Mystic, 1 Small Banshee, 1 Small Sha. Cooldowns used: Incarnation and berserker. Burn the banana tosser down (it should die in one/two hits) and then turn your attention to the mystic. Once it is dead, begin to DoT and dps the sha down, but don’t pop your cooldowns until it’s shield has fallen off. Shortly before the shield drops a small banshee spawns.

Wave 6: 2 Large Mystics, 6 Large Varmints. Open your dps on the vermin in the middle until both of the mystics pop their heal. Once they have, thrash to DoT the vermin once again and move to a mystic. You should be able to burn it before it tries to cast a heal. DoT the vermin up once again as you run through to the other mystic. You’ll need to interrupt this one, but only once. 

Wave 7: 2 Large Amber-Weavers, 3 Large Guardians, 1 Large Banana Tosser. Cooldowns used: Berserk buff. As the wave spawns, grab one of the berserker buffs on the ground and open on the banana tosser that spawns in the middle. DoT the guardians up and focus down one of the amber-shapers. Use the remaining shaper’s globule to burn what’s left of the guardian’s health. Kill the remaining shaper.

Wave 8: 1 Large Mystic, 2 Large Slayers, 3 Large Banshees. Cooldowns used: ring. Begin this wave at the spawn point of the small illusionary ripper (toward the back of the room). DoT it up quickly as you pop your ring and burn down the mystic in the middle. Once it has died move to the large illusionary ripper on the other side. Kill it quickly and let your ring explode on the banshee in the middle. DoTs should finish the small ripper.

Wave 9: 1 Large Banana Tosser, 1 Large Amber-Weaver, 1 Large Guardian, 2 Slayers, 1 Large Banshee. Cooldowns used: berserker buff. Grab the berserker buff and open up on the tosser in the middle. Move to the rippers and guardian DoTing them up as you go before stopping to burn a ripper down. The 3 adds should die before the banshee spawns. Kill it then finish off the amber-shaper.

Wave 10: Large Illusionary Sha. Cooldowns used: ring, incarnation & berserker. Open up from stealth with your usual rotation until it’s shield falls off, once it does that, pop all remaining cooldowns and you’ll have your title.

Let me know if this guide helps you in the comments! I’d love to hear your feedback!




Join Our Team

Hello everyone! Are you interested in joining the Geeks Nerds Unite team? Or do you just have an article or two that you’d like to get out there? Either way we are looking for you. GNU is accepting both regular contributors and one time submissions. We are looking for comic book, tv, and technology writers above all, however we will accept submissions from people interested in all areas of geek/nerd writing. We are also looking for people interested in YouTube video submissions, as we are hoping to build our YouTube presence soon.

At this time all submissions are done on a volunteer basis. However it’s a great way to build your writing resume, and get your voice/pieces out there. We are hoping that as our online presence grows that we can start paying for pieces, and those already on staff will be the first to benefit from this.

If you are interested please contact Megan E. Pearson at with your name, what areas you are interested in writing for, what experience you have (if any, and don’t worry it’s not required), and a sample of your writing. Also let us know if you are interested in being a regular contributor or just random pieces every once in awhile.

EC Boom Box

Geeky Chic by Shannon: EC Boom Box!

I am a girl. I am a nerd. I hold these truths to be self-evident. And so do the ladies behind Espionage Cosmetics, the nerd makeup company based in Tacoma, Washington. I have been using their products for a little over a year now, after stumbling upon an advertisement for their nail wraps on the Borderlands website. Yes, the video game Borderlands. I’ve been an addict ever since.

Now, I do not wear makeup everyday, nor do I consider myself to be that talented when it comes to applying color to my face. But, I do have fun with it and I love having lots of colors to try new things. I also used to bite my nails. But I broke that habit by using their awesome nerdy nail wraps to prevent nibbles. Best thing? Their cosmetics line is cruelty-free and much of it is vegan!

But let me get back to my original reason for this post: The EC Book Box! My favorite cosmetics company started a subscription service a few months back, and after seeing that February’s theme was “Most Ardently,” I had to buy all the things. I loved my Jane Austen/Zombies box, but the box I received in the mail yesterday? Even better!

April’s box is all about “Fables,” and the nerd misfits at Espionage Cosmetics did not disappoint. First of all, everything comes in a bright pink box that announces to the world that you are about to delve into a beautiful nerdy realm of goodies. Look at all of this stuff!

EC Boom Box
So much goodness inside!
Here Comes the Boom
Oh yeah it is!
EC Boom Box Candy Cleanse Sugar Scrub
This sugar scrub smells so good I want to eat it. Good thing it warns me not to on the packaging!
EC Boom Box Rumpelstiltskin Shadow and Banshee Lip Serum
The BOOM! Debut of Rumpelstiltskin Everything Shadow, Banshee Lip Serum, and the little container so I can mix up my own lip color concoctions! P.S. Cool shark nails, huh? Also from Espionage Cosmetics…
EC Boom Box Mystical Mane and Fairies Nail Wraps
I’ve wrapped my nails in Mystical Mane before, because I’m a unicorn, so I won’t say no to more! But, look at this NEW design! FAIRIES! GLITTER FAIRIES!!!
EC Boom Box Mermaiden Stationery
I need to find some penpals, so I can use this Mermaiden Stationery! High-quality paper AND matching envelopes. Who wants me to drop them a line?
EC Boom Box Crest Sticker
The Official Espionage Cosmetics Crest Sticker. I will put it somewhere official. Officially.
EC Boom Box Temporary Tattoos
Some super duper shiny temporary tattoos! It’s like I’m a kid again…yay for never growing up!
EC Boom Box Unicorn Soap
And finally, the coup de grace…UNICORN SOAP. Yes, I now have a green apple scented magical unicorn soap (by Digital Soaps) for when I need to add some magic to my bath. BOOM.


I am stoked to use the scrub and the tattoos, and have already tried out the lip serum and the everything shadow. Rumpelstiltskin is a beautiful sheer gold color on my very light skin (which is why I don’t have a picture to show you…it’s subtle!). The lip serum looks like it would be BAM! purple, but it goes on sheer and smelled to me like grape gum. My fiance keeps trying to steal kisses when I’m wearing it. Not because he wants to show me his undying love, but because he wants my lip gloss. I love Espionage’s lip serums, because they have wonderful ingredients like coconut oil that keep my lips hydrated and happy.

I got all of this on my doorstep for only $30.00. Can you believe it? I can! But that’s because I believe in fairy magic. I think that the EC Boom Box is a fantastic deal, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for June. If you want to get in on this nerdy makeup goodness, go to their website at and subscribe! If you want to check out Espionage Cosmetics other product lines, you can visit them at

Thanks for checking out my first entry in the Geek Chic series, and stay tuned for more of my (mis)adventures in nerdy fashion!

Shannon is a freelance writer/librarian/gamer girl/dog lover/professional wrestling fan/unicorn/nerd geek hybrid. She is working on an original comic book series, and turning a school bus into a tiny mobile home! Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitteryou know the drill.


Goodbye Alan Rickman

It’s taken me awhile to decide exactly what to say, and in what way to say it. I don’t know that there is anything I could put into words that haven’t already been said, about the wonderful Alan Rickman. He represents a lot of different things, for a lot of different “types” of nerds.

For many of us he was the perfect Professor Snape. He played all the different parts of that character very well. He had the darkness, was a bully, and yet still managed to make our hearts melt. The movie had some amazing casting choices, and like many of his co-stars, Alan Rickman WAS Professor Snape. It’s impossible to imagine someone controlling that role as beautifully as he did.


Or maybe he was Marvin, the sarcastic, miserable, robot from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A character that was comic relief, a depressing voice, and some how important, yet entirely unhelpful.

Maybe he was Hans Gruber, the intense bad guy, in one of the best Christmas Movies of all time. Or he was Alexander Dane for you, in a movie that seems to honor and tease geeks to it’s core, Galaxy Quest.

He could have been Colonel Brandon, or the Metatron, or the Caterpillar. No matter what the role(s), for so many of us we instantly associate a beloved movie with him without even thinking. He had a distinct look, and a voice that no one can really forget.

I wish I could say more, but it’s hard to find the words in this case. It feels as though the nerd world has lost something very core to us, something that leaves a void. I am still grateful that I got to experience the joy of being a fan. Alan Rickman was in many films that I loved, and I was always excited to see something he was in.

Thank you Professor Snape, Hans, Marvin… Mr Rickman.


2016 Hype

2016 looks like it will be a great year for all forms of media. We will be seeing follow ups to things we loved in the past, a second chance for a hero, and possibly one of the most heartbreaking superhero movies ever. While this is not everything to look forward to in 2016, here are some of the things that have geeks and nerds most excited.

The Return of The X-Files


January 24th will see the return of one of the most beloved science fiction shows of all time. Mulder and Scully will be back for a 6 episode mini series. As of now there is no public plan for the series to continue after the six episodes, however the news is still exciting. The series left with many questions unanswered, so it’s nice to see the return of the show and maybe get some long awaited closure to certain issues.

Luke Cage

The character of Luke Cage has already premiered on the Netflix series Jessica Jones, but it’s nice to see him getting his own show. Luke Cage is an important hero for a number of social reasons, and it’s great to see this hero in a starring role. So far Jessica Jones has been well received, so here’s hoping to see more greatness from this Netflix original.

Captain America Civil War


Civil War was a great, though sad comic series. Pitting many beloved heroes against each other in a violent, and often depressing face off. Many people (myself included) were surprised to see Marvel put this in movie form. However despite how surprised I am, it still looks amazing. It’s also something different from what we’ve been seeing in Marvel movies lately.



Marvel had a shot at bringing the character of Deadpool to the big screen, and they blew it. They took away what makes Deadpool, Deadpool. It looks like this time they might get it right though. The choice to go with an R rating means that they are probably going to embrace the crass, rude, lewd, and over the top nature of the character. Trailers look promising, and Ryan Reynolds seems like the perfect choice for the role.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst


This sequel has been a long time coming. Mirror’s Edge was beautiful, and offered unique and enjoyable gameplay. There were many struggles in getting the follow up off and running though. It’s finally going to happen and many people cannot wait. Catalyst so far looks like it will be a solid sequel, and good for fans new and old.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This game looked gorgeous and unique when it was revealed at E3. It’s a game set in a far post apocalyptic future, with robotics, and mechanized enemies. The setting while futuristic also takes inspiration from the far past. There are dinosaur like creatures, and the characters take on an almost caveman like aesthetic. It’s an interesting blend of two vastly different design directions, and it looks compelling. Gameplay seems to lean to the action side of things, but there will be RPG elements. If the gameplay lives up to the looks then this will be very enjoyable experience.

These are just a few of the things for people to be hyped about coming in 2016. There promises to be a lot of great media to keep us entertained. What are some of the things you are most looking forward to?