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E3 2016: Civilization VI Presentation

During the E3 conference there was a walkthrough “trailer” of sorts of Civilization VI, it has now been uploaded on YouTube for all to see. In it, it shows city growth as well as a number of the features that will be in Civilization VI. At this point the Civilization formula has been fairly well set, with each new version of the game improving upon what we’ve already known and loved. This game looks polished, and the art style is possibly the biggest difference we can see. If you like these games then it seems worth getting hype for, if you’ve never played them it might be time to give it a go. We will bring you more news as it becomes available.

Do you play the Civilization games? How do you feel about them?

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E3 2016: My Favorite E3 Moments

I want to be clear, these weren’t the biggest announcements, they weren’t the best, they weren’t the ones that everyone is going to be paying attention to. These are the things from E3 that I personally got more excited for.

Days Gone

I am a huge fan of the zombie or “zombie” genre in general. I am one of the few people that will likely never say “ok we’ve had enough”. As long at the games are good I want more. This game seems like it could be good, not only that but the massive swarms really impressed me. I am looking forward to hearing more about this game.

The Last Guardian

I love artistic games. Games that sometimes even allow gameplay to take a back seat to giving us a special type of experience. I am so thrilled that this game has a release date and that I will be able to play it soon.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Stick of Truth was a great game, one that I played numerous times. While I felt it had a lot of room for improvement, I understood that the game did suffer from company closings, cancellations, etc. I believed that with a bit of time and love it could have been amazing. I think that The Fractured but Whole has gotten that time and love, and I just can’t wait.


What can I say, the game just looks fun. Yes there were more “blockbuster” titles that were shown, but when it comes down to it I really want to check out ReCore. It didn’t hit as hard, but it managed to hit me and stick with me.

Call of Cthulhu

So this game didn’t really get a featured moment, I understand that. However it is without a doubt one of the games I am most hyped about across the board. I love H.P. Lovecraft, I love horror games, I love the table top games that inspired this. There is nothing about this that doesn’t thrill me.

Now I want to be clear that again I don’t mean these were the best, nor were they the only good features. I am also hyped for The Legend of Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and a number of other games/hardware. However I think there is something to stepping back and saying what to you as a person really got you, and this is what got me.

So what got you the most about E3 2016?

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E3 2016: Sony Conference

Sony has always been the champions of showmanship, and they did not disappoint this year. The conference started with a live orchestra which played through most of what was shown.

We started with God of War. Kratos is guiding his son in a hunt. He wants to help the child, but the child is scared. The movement through the world implies open(ish) RPG, the action is all God of War. It seems like a perfect breath of fresh air to the series. The relationship between father and son was personally the most touching theme.

Next was a beautiful cinematic trailer for Days Gone, later in the conference we got a gameplay trailer that implied something like The Last of Us. Days Gone seems to be a biker story in a zombie world, with a strong emphasis on drama. The trailer itself gave us very little, other than a destroyed world and who our protagonist is. At the end of the conference we got a look at gameplay, and this game could be a hit. It looks solid, and slightly overwhelming with zombie like enemies. I am excited to hear more.

The Last Guardian was highlighted. It’s music was tear-jerking, and we are promised another artistic, soul crushing, beautiful experience. Now we know that it’s coming this year.

For Horizon we got an intensive gameplay demo that showed off many different styles of gameplay. Honestly it just furthers the belief that this will be a highlight game when it comes out.

Detroit is another game in the lines of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, but follows an android trying to make his place in the world. It looks great, but so did the others. It does emphasize choice, and promises it will be to an extreme degree. It implies choosing x will drastically change the next step where choosing y makes a different path. I like these games on principal, but have been underwhelmed with execution. So I am not sold.

The next game highlighted was a bit of surprise. We watched as a character explored a dilapidated building, and then found it was the next in the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil seems like a real horror game vs horror action. However, we got no details on how it relates to the series. It did however launch the VR segment for the press conference.

Sony showed off their VR, featuring Batman, Battlefront, and a number of other games. All of them highlighted the VR technology, none of them had a lot of detail however. It was mostly teaser trailers, if forced to define them. After the launch of their VR headset there will be 50 games before the end of the year, that is an impressive number, but given the total lack of information on most of what we saw it leaves a lot of questions. Will it be 50 gimmicks that just show off technology and don’t entertain? Or 50 games worth playing and getting excited over?

We got a look at the updated Call of Duty, and it looks great. However unless you are already hype for the remastered Call of Duty, you probably won’t be sold on it.

PlayStation then teased Crash exciting both the audience that was there and watching. The hype was met with a disappointing announcement that it’s little more than a remastered version of the older games, and that Crash is being added to Skylanders. It did not really feel like an E3 worthy moment, especially because the announcement did not meet the excitement level.

Kojima then got on stage to present a game lacking details, Death Standing. There is little known about the game other than apparently it’s a rising above what Konami did to the game developer. A horror game with Norman Reedus and what? If given the imagery lives up to the actual game then it could be something impressive. The segment felt like just a short moment to say “f you” to Konami, and left us with a million questions.

There were a number of other smaller announcements like Spider Man by Insomniac, but the overall theme was “all of this looks impressive, but what are the details”. It was very easy to join the hype train while it was happening, Sony if nothing else, is great at showmanship. However in reflecting on it, other than the first half of the conference we got little more than teasers. Yes, I was very excited to watch said teasers, but I am left wanting detail. What was Death Standing? Can we see more from the VR highlights? Why should I be excited for all the games that basically showed us 30 second clips? Where I felt Microsoft had too much bad dialogue that didn’t sell the games, I felt Sony had too little information. In the end it was still an impressive showing. I admit to being very excited for a number of things I saw, and again Sony has showmanship down well. The devil is in the details, and hopefully we will actually get more of those soon in order to keep us excited for what’s to come.

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E3 2016: The Last Guardian Has Been Dated

After years of waiting, wanting, and hoping we finally have a release date for The Last Guardian. In fact the good news doesn’t stop there, the release date is October of this year. Many believed that the follow up to the artistic Ico and Shadow of the Colossus would never actually happen, but it seems our long wait is nearly over. There is very little to say about this game, as most people are fairly aware of the series and the game itself. It looks beautiful, seems like it will be heartbreaking, and a true testament to the argument of “games as art”. So everyone enjoy October 25th 2016.

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E3 2016: God of War

Sony hit it big with their introduction to their conference. They had a full orchestra to introduce a God of War gameplay demo. The demo was beautiful, with extreme detail and a setting worth getting excited about. Beyond that it introduced a new take on the series. The implication is that this God of War will be closer to an open world RPG with how the game progresses, even though action is still hack and slash style. Kratos also has a son, and the demo deals directly with both of them working together to accomplish a goal. Kratos is attempting to teach him, while the boy through his tasks. The kid is very adorable the dialogue between the two is believable and on point. Hack and Slash games have been starting to feel a bit copy and paste, so this direction might be exactly what God of War needs. Different enough to give it new life, but not so much of a departure that it doesn’t feel like part of the franchise.

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E3 2016: Micosoft Conference

A lot of people felt that Microsoft would have a rather large challenge with E3, mostly because their big system reveals were leaked ahead of time. It’s not the best start to your conference, with major announcements blown. Yet it was a solid press conference overall.

The conference started with a brief look at the Xbox One S, their new slimer Xbox One. It will have 2 terabyte harddrive, 4k video, but 40% the size of the rather bulky Xbox One. Like past slim line consoles, it’s a more powerful, sleeker version, hoping to appeal to those that have not joined the world of that console.

From there they jumped right into Gears of War 4. They used Gears to announce a new program called Play Anywhere. Play Anywhere will allow gamers to buy one copy of a game and have it on both Xbox One and Windows 10. There are promises of seamless integration between the two, allowing someone to play a story on both depending on which they have access to. Gears of War 4 as an exclusive will be part of this program. They then had a co-op feature for Gears, which was interesting but a little big dead air. Neither person really took the time to explain what they were doing while playing, or attempted to sell the game at all.

Forza Horizon 3 will also be a Play Anywhere game, and will also be a cross platform gaming experience. Aside from showing off a great looking trailer they then showed four player co-op with people on PC and Xbox. Aside from the cross platform joining someone’s co-op game should be an instant experience. If this works as well as it did on stage, with just a one button confirmation meaning bam it’s done, then this is a huge thing for Forza and multiplayer in general.

On the note of cross platform, later in the show Minecraft Friendly Update was announced. Out already for Windows, iOS, and Android, it will be a cross platform update for the game. They also hope to throw Xbox One into the mix in the future, giving even more players a way to game together.

Recore was highlighted, it’s an interesting looking new IP in which your character uses various robots to traverse the world. It looks stylish and fun, and we can’t wait to try it out September 13th.

Probably most surprising was the choice to have a major gameplay demo for Final Fantasy XV. Many still mostly associate FF with PlayStation, so it was a great inclusion for Xbox to remind people that they have those games as well. The demo itself was not really all that mind blowing though, solid enough, but lacked a certain excitement.

Stepping away from gaming for a moment, and focusing on the system itself Xbox is getting a few new features. First Microsoft is planning to greatly expand their servers, in order to make multiplayer a faster more stable experience. Xbox consoles will also be getting background music, to allow gamers to pick their music and how the experience works with the system. Xbox will also be getting Clubs to allow you to build your own groups for certain games, a looking for group system with specific searches, and Arena. Arena will allow people to participate in tournaments with other gamers.

There will also be customizable controllers for the Xbox One, and it looks like the possibilities are pretty amazing.

Indie games received a lot of love from the conference. Inside from developers of Limbo had a short, almost trailer. It was disappointing it didn’t have more. What was not disappointing was the confirmation that it will be out later this month, and that Limbo is now free. We Happy Few was a super creepy looking game that we got an extended gameplay trailer for, it will be in the preview program later this year. Aside from that there was a mass up of many games to expect from the ID@Xbox program.

Scalebound was the last major game demo that was shown. Scalebound is an action RPG in which your character fights with dragons. The demo itself was a multiplayer demo, showing off multiple people using their dragons to battle a giant boss. It was impressive and was a great way to build hype.

The next Tekken game was announced, and gamers can get Tekken Tag for free. Tekken Tag is also backward compatible. Halo Wars 2 is now in Beta and will be launching early next year.

Sea of Thieves, a rather immersive pirate themed game, was shown off from Rare. State of Decay 2, a stand alone Gwent game, and Dead Rising 4 were also all announced.

The conference ended with a look at Project Scorpio the next Xbox console which will be out the end of next year. The details and the way it was pitched itself was amazing. It does seem like it will be an impressive piece of hardware, and is built to be tied with VR right out of the box. However, both Sony and Microsoft promised a much longer shelf life for the current generation of consoles, so it’s rather disappointing to see that next gen is coming so soon. That being said they took great effort to say that support for the Xbox One is going nowhere, and the new console will be designed to be cross platform with Xbox One. Not only that but most future accessories will be designed to work with both. This is a rather large promise to make, and one that I am not sure that Microsoft can keep. I am torn between being impressed with Project Scorpio, and feeling nervous that I will be cheated as a consumer. That being said a lot of details will be coming out soon, so it’s a little early to really decide yet.

Much like I said with Bethesda, I never felt like I had an “oh wow” moment with this conference. That being said from start to finish it was a solid showing. There is something to be said for something being consistently good, even if it never hits great, as long as it’s never bad. I like that Microsoft is seeing the value in indie games and hope they continue to push it. Cross platform gaming is great, and they were really pushing the exclusives. I feel my Xbox will be getting a lot of love in the coming months.

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E3 2016: Watchdogs 2 Looking to Impress

After Watchdogs generally disappointed most gamers Ubisoft is looking to fix those mistakes with Watchdogs 2. A good portion of the Ubisoft press conference was devoted to Watchdogs 2. The game promises better gameplay, smoother hacking, and an improved multiplayer experience. It is also clearly going for more style points with a sort of future retro look, and embracing a more modern feel rather than the gritty cyberpunk feel of the last game. The game will be launching November 15th of this year. PS4 owners will also have timed DLC, getting is 30 days earlier than other platforms. We are curious to see how this new direction works out for the game, and whether or not Ubisoft can turn around this franchise.

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E3 2016: South Park The Fractured But Whole Dated

South Park: The Stick of Truth ended up being a rather major hit, which surprised a lot of people. It went well beyond the low expectations for licensed games, to bring something unique and enjoyable. Since then people have been waiting for the next South Park game, hoping to get a repeat of the experience. During the Ubisoft Press Conference, not only was the next game confirmed again, but dated for the end of the year. It will launch Dec 6th and promises to bring what made Stick of Truth a success, while also giving gamers so much more. The game will be super hero themed, and follow a formula like the last. You play The New Kid, building your own hero and having it grow in South Park. It will be larger than Stick of Truth, with more exploration and South Park humor, and revamped gameplay to keep it enjoyable. I am personally very excited to play this game later this year and we will bring you more as it unfolds.

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E3 2016: Gwent Standalone Game

Gwent is a card game featured in The Witcher, and many fans have been asking for a standalone version. Well the cries have been heard, and Gwent is finally going to be it’s own game. The game will stay true to Gwent in The Witcher, though now it will feature a single player campaign and online play. Gamers can go to this site to register for the Beta, and the game will launch in September. It will be a timed exclusive on Xbox One and PC, launching for other platforms down the road.

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E3 2016: Gears of War 4

It probably comes as no surprise that Microsoft would heavily feature Gears of War 4 during their E3 conference. In addition to showing off some great co-op gameplay they also used Gears of War to announce “Play Anywhere”. Play Anywhere will allow gamers to buy a game just once and have it work for both console and Windows 10. Gears of War 4 will of course be a featured Play Anywhere game. The actual gameplay feature for Gears of War 4 was pretty interesting. The gameplay looks solid, graphics are beautiful, and it seems to be a good blend of what made Gears so popular, while still adding a few new touches. There will also be a special Gears of War 4 Elite controller.

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E3 2016: Skyrim Special Edition Free for Some

We mentioned that Bethesda confirmed the Skyrim Special Edition during their conference, on the back of that announcement they have also said some people can get it for free. If you have Skyrim on PC with all the DLC you will be able to get the Special Edition free. Sadly console gamers will not get the same offering. While it stings this is only for PC gamers research implies the choice to give it to PC gamers for free has a lot to do with the support from the modding community over the years for Skyrim, and the hopes that it will continue with the Special Edition. Free or not the game looks beautiful so even as a traditional console player I can’t be too mad.

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E3 2016: Bethesda Conference

I am a fairly large fan of Bethesda. While Fallout is easily my favorite of their franchises, I am a fan of a number of their games. I was pretty hyped up for the Bethesda show case, and for the most part was pleased, though not blown away.

Bethesda started off with a Quake announcement, a MOBA type first person shooter will be the next installment in the franchise. This was rather exciting as nothing has been heard from Quake in a very long time. While the trailer had it’s appeal, and the promises of more information at QuakeCon were interesting I can’t help but be a little disappointed. I would love to see another installment in the series story line, or even a reboot as with DOOM. However, it does make sense that they would take this direction. After rebooting DOOM it might be wise to switch the focus for Quake to the multiple player experience. I am not 100% sold, however I am curious.

Elder Scrolls got a number of announcements. Legends got a bit of focus, their new strategy trading card game. They showed off the campaign introduction cinematic, as well as promises for more Betas for players to try out.

ESO introduced it’s new Dark Brotherhood expansion. The assassin clan from the other games is coming to ESO. They also promised that it will be fully integrated to the earliest stages of the game, instead of forcing players to reach a high level before being able to experience the new content. This could have mass appeal to bring new gamers to the series, as they would get access not only to the core game but also add-ons.

There was a quick showing off of Skyrim Special Edition, though it lasted only a brief moment and almost no information was given during the show. However, it has been confirmed it will be on PC as well as consoles, while rumors were circulating there would be no PC release before E3. Beyond that it will bring mod support (as with Fallout 4) to the console versions of the game. The release date will be in October.

Fallout related announcements were also brief with little detail. More DLC is coming that will allow a lot more in depth crafting, and even one that will allow gamers to build vaults. There will also be the Nuka World. Little information was given about Nuka World, but the trailer implies it’s more like the Far Harbor DLC in that it will be a new location.

Fallout Shelter will also be getting some upgrades, and a PC version will be released soon.

A rather unexpected announcement was Prey. Prey 2 has gone through various ideas and cancellations, but it seems they’ve finally settled on a sort of reboot to the 2006 horror themed FPS. It promises to be a very dark game set on a space station in the year 2032. You play a character that was part of an experiment that went horribly wrong, and you are being hunted by aliens. It will have mind bending abilities like the 2006 game, while also focusing on combat and survival. It’s really hard to compare it to either the previously canceled Prey 2 or even the original Prey game. Despite that it looks rather compelling and we are excited to learn more. It might have been worth everyone’s while to completely separate it from the previous Prey game. However, as more unfolds there might be a stronger connection to the first game, thus explaining the need to not just rebuild this.

A major chunk of the show was given to Dishonored 2. There was further confirmation on story, setting, and gameplay. They confirmed that the foundation of the game was the question of what happens to Emily, and they built from there. You will still have a choice to play as either Corvo or Emily, though both characters have unique personalities, and it promises to be worth playing the game with each character. They have unique powers, play styles, and are both fully voiced and will respond and interact with the world and story differently. Aside from that, the game looks beautiful. The new setting is more vibrant and detailed, and graphically speak everything looks beautiful. As a limited time pre-order bonus you can get Dishonored definitive edition for free.

The other big push was DOOM and Fallout 4 on VR. I mentioned in my E3 wishlist my lack of excitement over VR, but that is largely personal. This is a rather huge and impressive step for the technology, and aside from being fairly certain it would make me sick playing DOOM, that way would be a unique experience. With more games coming to VR and a clear push to make it a viable experience for gamers, it will be interesting to see how these two games do.

Speaking of DOOM there is now a demo of the game that will be open for the next week. Everyone can try out the first few levels of DOOM for free now. Console owners can find it it the stores for the console, while PC players will be able to find it on Steam. If you’re on the fence about the game check it out while you can.

Despite being rather excited for everything offered at the conference, there didn’t seem to be one wow moment like last year. Everything was good, and I am rather excited for what Bethesda is going to be offering gamers for the next year, but I was left feeling like I wanted just a touch more. Most of what was shown will be further highlighted at QuakeCon. We will bring you more news on these announcements and more as we are able.

What did you think of the Bethesda showing?

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E3 2016: EA Announces Fe

In what appears to be a tradition, EA gave a spotlight to a new artistic indie game during E3. Last year was Unravel, this year is Fe. The game has an impressive art design, with a beautiful color palette. Gamers will take control of a young character in a forest, and is focused on learning and exploring everything around you in the world. It looks stunning, though many details are rather unknown at this point. EA says they will continue this push with games they are calling EA Originals. Originals are smaller games done by indie developers but published by EA. Fe looks great, and with all of EA’s more negative traction with micro transactions and copy and pasted games, it is nice to see them focus on something different.

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E3 2016: More Fallout 4 DLC Coming Soon

Three new DLC were announced for Fallout 4, Contraptions, Vault-Tec Workshop, and Nuka World. The first two are focused on crafting and in world building. Contraptions will add depth to settlement building, as well as put in just a few silly things like the ability to make Rube Goldberg machines. Vault-Tec Workshop will allow gamers to build their own vaults and even run their own experiments on the people living in the vaults. Nuka World is more comparable to Far Harbor, it brings a new area with quests and it’s own story. In addition to all these DLC looking interesting, it has been confirmed that they are part of the Season Pass. So get ready for more Fallout fun!

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EA Conference-E3 2016

The EA Conference started late, but once it got going, it was full-speed ahead with great games and some new initiatives from this games publisher. Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, told the audience that they were going to just get a little taste of the games they have in development. He also encouraged everyone to play the games and give them feedback, because they care about their players. The conference was also unique in that they were having another one in London simultaneously, and they kept going back and forth via satellite feed.

The first game of the conference shown was Titanfall 2. The CEO of Respawn, Vince Zampella, announced that the game would be available to PS4 players for the first time ever, and confirmed that they are introducing a single-player campaign to the game. It will focus on the bond between a pilot and his Titan. The trailer had some unique enemies, detailed landscapes, and a voice-over that hinted at the story. He also showed footage from the multi-player mode, and I could tell that the gameplay will be fast and action-packed.

The next game discussed was Madden NFL 17. EA spent the majority of the hour focusing on their sports franchises. From what I could see, the graphics are amazing on this game, and fans will be excited to learn that there is a completely new commentary team AND you can take your team all the way to the Superbowl. They then focused the attention to the players of Madden NFL, and announced that the company wants to focus more emphasis on E-sports for everyone. They will have weekly online contests for the players, and will help communities hold their own tournaments. The conference then focused on two of the top Madden players in the world, Problem and Serious Moe. The focus was on the tournament happening later on in the conference. We really did not get a lot of footage or focus on the new game itself.

The next segment was what I have been waiting for FOREVER! The General Manager of Bioware, Aaron Flynn, came onstage to briefly talk about Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game focuses on a completely new cast of characters traveling to our neighbor galaxy in search of a new home for humans. There will be new species, planets, and technologies introduced, with more freedom to explore. I am a HUGE Mass Effect fan, so when they showed off some footage from the game, I was freaking out. Is that the rebuilt Citadel? Is that a MAKO? The ship looks like an updated version of the Normandy! The sound and graphics were amazing, since the new game will be powered by the Frostbite engine. I cannot wait until this fall when they reveal more details. Can it come out already?

Andrew Wilson took the stage again, this time to announce that EA will be releasing even more game updates this year than they did last year. He also revealed the Play to Give initiatives, which I think is wonderful. EA will have certain challenges in their games that players can complete, and EA will donate money to a handful of charities, like HeForShe, Special Effect, and Code2040. I am impressed with their generosity and work towards equality for women and STEM education.

The conference moved to London for the reveal of FIFA 17. London really loves its “football.” I put that in quotation marks because I’m American so I think of it as soccer. Yes, we love to be different. Anyway, I don’t know that much about soccer or FIFA, so a lot of it was over my head. The graphics looked amazing though, with this game being powered on the Frostbite engine. What most impressed me was the first time ever Story mode called “The Journey.” The trailer for it looked like a preview for a BBC drama series. It focuses on a player named Alex Hunter, getting signed to the premier league and working his way up the ranks. The producer of FIFA, Aaron McHardy, came onstage and talked about the four aspects of the game they have improved: a set piece rewrite, a physical play overhaul, more intelligent AI, and new attacks. I may not know soccer, but any fan of the FIFA series must be excited about all these innovations.

The next segment introduced the EA Originals program to help small, indie developers. EA plans on investing time and money into small game developers so that their game will reach a broader audience. They will help with development, marketing, and publishing, all while giving the entirety of the profit to the developers so they can keep making the games of the future. They introduced their first Original, Fe, from a small Swedish studio. The game looks absolutely magical. It has new words, only music, and is about our relationship with nature. The player plays as a young cub, trying to find his way through the forest to his own kind. The animals and plants communicate through song. The artwork was original and inspiring, with dark and light contrasts. What a unique idea, and good on EA for bringing it to the masses!

Next up was the segment entirely devoted to the numerous Star Wars titles in the works at EA. Galaxy of Heroes, Battlefront, and The Old Republic are available right now, but more are on the way! Dice and Motive Studios are working on a new Battlefront game, incorporating all the feedback they have received from the players. There will be more characters, more environments, and content from the newest film included in the next game. Visceral is working on a new narrative game that will be released in 2018. All we got to see was some concept art, but any new narrative-based Star Wars game is music to my ears. Respawn is developing a third person action-adventure game. The video package had the studios talking a lot about their new games, but not really any game footage. I believe it is too early for that, but Star Wars fans should get excited for all the new gaming experiences EA has planned!

Last, but not least, was Battlefield 1. Dice Studio showed off their unique take on WWI through lots of game footage. The game is powered by the Frostbite engine, so the graphics and the audio was super realistic. The developers improved destruction so it is more intuitive, and the weather will randomly change so you have to adjust your tactics. There were dogfights in biplanes! Huge airships being blown up! Armored trains and battleships! I am not a multi-player gamer, but even this game looked awesome to me. The player can join in battles with up to 64 players. There will be an open beta later this summer, but for those who could stay after the conference, there was a 64 player demo of gameplay, led by Jamie Fox and Zac Efron, of all people.

Overall, I felt the conference focused too much on their sports franchises, but was impressed by what I saw. I also love that they are introducing programs that help out gamers and non-gamers alike. EA may be a huge company, but they are using their power for good.

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E3 2016 Schedule

If you haven’t heard yet the E3: 2016 schedule is out. Here is a complete list of times so you can make sure to get your coverage. Also remember that there will be floor coverage from various organizations. You will be able to watch the press conferences on E3’s website.

EA: June 12th 1pm PST

Bethesda: June 12th 7pm PST

Microsoft: June 13th 9:30am PST

PC Gaming Show: June 13th 12pm PST

Ubisoft: June 13th 1pm PST

Sony: June 13th 6pm PST