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Mini Review: The Moon Sliver

The Moon Sliver released in October 2014 and seems to be a pretty lesser known horror indie game. The game itself focuses mostly on story, as such I don’t want to give away too much. You play a person that wakes up on a dilapidated island. Four people live on the island, but three are missing. You have to wander around the island searching for clues as to what happened to the other three, and who you are.

The clues themselves are revealed as you interact with different things in the environment. There are a set number of clues to find, some you have to, others just give you more information about the game. It’s worth taking the time to actually try to search out everything in the game. While looking for clues you need to keep your flashlight charged and search for ways to get into locked areas. The locked areas often give you the biggest progression in the mystery.


While the game starts off with a dark feeling, it’s not until you reveal more of the clues that you realize that someone, or something, is the cause of the disappearances, and that it won’t stop until it gets you. Searching tells you more about the people from the island, what The Moon Sliver is, why the island is falling apart, and what exactly happened.

This game does a lot right. It is incredibly well written, the mystery itself is compelling, and the music is spot on. Each of the four people on the island has a reason to have turned on the others, so piecing together the story keeps you interested and guessing. The game is also a master of suspense, it doesn’t take you long to figure out that something is coming but you aren’t sure when. It forces you to go forward into darkness and areas that just scream “nope” all the while revealing a truly creepy story.

The problem with this game is it’s short. It should only take an hour or two to complete, and is not really worth playing again and again. After playing it once it would be fairly challenging to even really enjoy it. To make up for that it’s fairly cheap, and often goes on sale.

For those that like horror I highly recommend this game. It’s smart, enjoyable, and intense. I also can’t stress how well written it is, and how compelling the story is as a result. It made me want to check out other projects by David Szymanski (developer).