Horror Movie Death That Are Total Fail

Some of us like to cheer for the heroes of horror movies, some of us might cheer for the killer. Either way there is a sick sort of pleasure that many of us take from the many deaths in horror films. They disturb us, yet entertain us, and keep us wanting more. Occasionally though our heroes fail to live up to the title. Their actions are groan worthy, and cause us to yell at the screen. Here is a list of some of the horror movie deaths that just seem to be failures.

There will be many spoilers

Jimmy, Hallowen II


Jimmy works on the ambulance that takes Laurie to the hospital. He somehow manages to fall for her, despite their lack of conversation, or it making any sense at all. Truly Jimmy’s romantic feelings for Laurie just seem to be an excuse for him to attempt to be the hero. Jimmy tries, he really does. However, he completely fails. He first slips in a pool of blood, after seeing said pool of blood. He manages to get up at some point and finds Laurie in the parking lot. She is attempting to escape and Jimmy being his super helpful self dies on the car horn, alerting Michael to her location. Michael actually does nothing to Jimmy, he kills himself… and puts the final girl in danger in doing so.

Sarah, The Descent

But Sarah didn’t die? Yes she did, or at the very least it’s extremely likely that she does. The original ending leaves with Sarah alive, but completely lost in the cave with monsters closing in. The less depressing ending only happened because the movie was deemed too much for American audiences. Going with the original ending as it was meant to be, and was seen by most other audiences, Sarah is likely dead.

Moving on, Sarah’s death is frustrating because she jumps the gun. Sarah is clearly having a mental break at this point in the movie. Everyone but herself and Juno have died. She discovers that Juno was sleeping with her husband, and it’s easy enough to say that Juno is responsible for all the deaths. Sarah leaves Juno alive when she first finds her because Juno claims to have an escape route, and it seems smart. Then Sarah for whatever reason decides that she needs to kill Juno before seeing the escape through to the end. She injuries Juno and leaves her to die, running away from the monsters. However she gets lost, and eventually just collapses in the cave. She never got the escape route from Juno, and then left her for dead, seemingly for no reason other than Sarah just didn’t care enough to get out.

Curt, The Cabin in the Woods


Once again a so called hero makes an appearance on the list. In Curt’s defense he really is trying to save his friends, though the plan is pretty far fetched. Curt attempts to make a daring escape on his bike in order to get help for his friends. Brave, daring, and he drives it right into an invisible wall causing him to crash and die. At least it wasn’t his own fault, but it’s still a pretty epic fail.

Tatum, Scream

Tatum’s death in Scream is a series of really poor choices. First she mocks the killer, walking right into his arms because she believes it’s a joke. Then after running around the garage and throwing weak things at him she decides to crawl through the dog door. I get she’s super skinny, but she clearly had no chance of making it through that opening. Behind her she’s left a number of things she could have used as a weapon to defend herself and a killer, that for a moment was actually on the ground. He gets up not long after she’s stuck and finishes her off.

Helen, I Know What You Did Last Summer

I find most of this movie pretty groan worthy, but Helen’s poor choice really sets me off. Helen is running for her life and decides to stop all of five feet from a crowded street to look behind her. When she turns back around the killer slashes her. Helen could have been safe if she just kept moving. I know there’s the cliché of “look behind you” in horror movies, but that’s only for characters unaware that they are about to be attacked. Helen knows, Helen has pretty much gotten away, and Helen has no reason to stop.

Susan, Deep Blue Sea


A different character from this movie almost made the list, for nearly the same reason. Deep Blue Sea features super smart sharks attempting to kill all the people. It’s cheesy, but super entertaining. Despite knowing what’s going on fairly early, a number of characters still make it a habit of being right by the water, thus making the most fail death hard. Ultimately I decided on Susan because she WILLINGLY jumps in the water instead of just standing around it. They know that one of the sharks is attempting to escape and need a plan to stop her. Susan attempts to recreate a rather unbelievable scene from the start of the movie, and jumps in the water while bleeding. It has the desired effect of attracting the shark, but she dies anyway. Her escape plan is weak at best, she didn’t seek help from the other survivors, and she is not overly physically adept. It was clear the plain was going to blow up in her face, but Susan just had to try anyway.

Glen, Nightmare on Elm Street

Glen’s death is actually pretty awesome I have to admit. He’s also a pretty decent character throughout, so it’s a bit upsetting when he goes. The reason that Glen is on the list though is because he does possibly the stupidest thing he could in the movie, he lays down in bed. They are trying to stay awake to be safe from Freddy, and failing pretty miserably at it because they’ve been up for so long, but he still lays down in bed. Despite the loud noise in his headphones, and the TV on his lap, he is still making himself comfortable when he’s already exhausted. Why Glen?

There have been many other characters that have earned the word “fail” when they fell to the many bad things in horror movies. What are some of the ones you loved, hated, or just groaned at?