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Ron Gilbert Want to Buy His Games Back

With the recent announcement that Disney would no longer be self publishing video games, many people have wondered what will happen to some of the titles they own. Ron Gilbert took to twitter to address that very issue. Gilbert was the co-creator of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, and said on twitter that he wants to buy the IPs back from Disney. Disney owns the rights to most Lucas Arts games, and they have allowed developers to make remastered editions of a few, but not without issues. Tim Schafer said it was nothing short of a miracle that he was able to finally release the remastered version of Day of the Tentacle (sequel to Maniac Mansion). There is no word thus far on Disney’s reaction to the tweet, or their plans for the many IPs they own. However, if they are no longer making games themselves they might be more willing to release their grip on some of these names. On the other hand, as they are no longer making games themselves, the rights to those games would be fairly valuable, and making money off the IP (while other’s make the games) would be a smart business move. It’s really hard to say what will happen moving forward, but as fans of many of the Lucas Arts classics we are curious to see how this plays out. Disney could sell them, or give more freedom for remastered versions of games to come out. Here’s hoping, and we will bring you more news as it unfolds.

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Disney Pushing Live Action Films

After the success of The Jungle Book it’s not surprising to hear that Disney is really pushing their live action films. Beauty and the Beast was already planned, but it seems a lot more movies have been added to the upcoming list. Disney has announced/confirmed a number of announcements along those lines. One such announcement is that Tim Burton will be directing a live action Dumbo movie. Emma Stone has been confirmed as taking on the role of Cruella de Ville in the live action Cruella. A sequel to Mary Poppins has been announced, as well as follow ups to both The Jungle Book and Maleficent. All of this on top of rumors of even more Disney classics being remade into live action movies, as well as a few new original titles. Disney is being rather reserved about specific details, but it does seem that pushing live action will be a major direction for the next few years at least. We’re excited to see what they are able to do with many of these titles, though we do have some hesitation about how some of our childhood favorites might turn out as live action films. As more news about all these projects unfold we will keep you updated.