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Games with Gold November 2016

Xbox and PlayStation have both released the games you will be able to get for free in November 2016. If you are a PlayStation Plus member and/or Xbox Live member here are the games you can get for free next month.

Xbox One:












Super Dungeon Bros: November 1st-30th

Murdered: Soul Suspect: November 16th- December 15th

Xbox 360:

Monkey Island SE: November 1st- November 15th

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: November 16th- November 30th









Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

The Deadly Tower of Monsters


Dirt 3

Costume Quest 2

PS Vita:

Letter Quest Remastered

Pumped BMX+

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Mini Review: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered Soul Suspect was one of the earlier 8th generation games, not a launch title, but within the first year. In it you play Ronan who was on the hunt for the Bell Killer in Salem. He gets close to cracking the case when he is murdered, he continues to work the case from beyond the grave, unable to pass on until he does. He teams up with Joy, a young medium who’s mother has been caught up in the middle of the case as well. The case itself is interesting, bringing in many supernatural aspects without going overboard.

Gameplay and story are largely focused on crime solving, slightly similar to the investigation process in LA Noire. This aspect of the game works well and is solid. It’s also a nice change of pace from other games out there. Unfortunately this aspect of the game is bogged down by the demon fighting sequences. In the middle of investigations Ronan will randomly run into demons and be forced to sneak up on them to destroy them. These sequences are annoying, and try to add “action” to the game. Not only does the game not need it, but it doesn’t really work in execution. It seems almost as though the developers were afraid that just a straight up investigation game wouldn’t work, and so shoe horned in the demon fights to add something else.

Despite not really caring for the demon fights, I was still over all very impressed with this game, and very disappointed it was not more well received. Ronan and Joy are both interesting characters, and the main case is well written and keeps you intrigued. The side cases that Ronan can do are also well done, and give a little something else. It’s a game that is worth checking out, not a life changer but entertaining and solid.