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Nvidia Ansel Arrives for Witcher 3

When Nvidia announced their 10 series graphics cards, they also announced the impending arrival of their new screen capture technology – Ansel. While it was spoke of in conjunction with the 10 series cards, it works with cards from the 680M upwards (a list of compatible GPUs can be found here).

Ansel first arrived with Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst but was released for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt recently. I was able to have a bit of a play around with the new tech and it’s fun, intuitive and easy to use.


Pressing alt+f2 in-game pauses everything – combat included – and brings up a series of sliders that you can adjust to your liking. I usually edit most of my screenshots after taking them in Photoshop so some of the brightness & contrast options held no merit for me, but playing with field of view and the new 360 view capture was a blast and something I’d only been able to achieve previously by stitching a lot of photos together. There is also an option to create a “super resolution” image – 63,360 x 35,640 pixels. The amount of detail present in this particular mode is absolutely stunning and a great option for those who want to create high quality print outs of their screenshots.

Below are a couple images taken with the 360 view capture – there is a little “banding” but that may just come from the game itself.


Have you tried Nvidia Ansel? What do you think of it?