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Mini Review: Inside

Inside is the follow up to Playdead’s very popular, Limbo. Inside takes a lot of the themes from Limbo but re-purposes them enough to make it feel fresh, and not just like Limbo 2.0. Like Limbo the game has a monochromatic look. Everything is in black and white with just a few splashes of color that appear here and there. It is also a 2.5 platformer with a¬†strong focus on puzzles. Beyond that Inside manages to make a name for itself and rise up to be an amazing follow-up to Limbo.


The story is given in subtle hints and leaves more questions than answers. This is something that Playdead fans should expect. You control a boy who starts in the woods then works his way through various locations. The people he encounters are either a) zombie like people with no free will or b) those controlling everyone from group a. The boy appears to have a certain level of free will making him a target for various people. Beyond just the normal human enemies the boy must escape dogs, as well as a few unknown beings.

The puzzle system is solid. The puzzles range in their variety and difficulty. Some will come to you rather easily, others might take many experiments before you get it right. Beyond that, no two puzzles really felt the same. There were similar aspects to them, but there was always something new, something unique, that helped shape each one. The end result is that everything remains fresh.

I contemplated whether to give this game a mini review or it’s own piece, but it’s sort of hard to discuss at length without debating the philosophy behind the entire game. The ending is disturbing and confusing, and the alternate ending just adds to it. The game is dark, creepy, scary at times, but clever and unique. It remained entertaining from start to finish, all though a bit short. I highly recommend it.

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Inside Coming to PS4… Maybe

Playdead who developed Limbo, recently released their newest game Inside. Like Limbo it was acclaimed as beautiful yet haunting. Across the board reviewers, and even gamers, have agreed that Inside was a perfect follow up to Limbo. When it first released Playdead did say that it would eventually be available for more than just Xbox One and PC. VG247 has started the rumor cycle declaring that according to a source that the game will be on PS4 by the end of August. This isn’t exactly the most reliable information, but we can certainly hope it’s true. Playdead’s games are amazing, and Inside deserves a larger audience. While GNU likes to limit the amount of rumors it reports (as they can often be wrong), we are hopeful that this time it’s at least partially based in fact. When we know for sure we will update you.


PlayStation just tweeted that it’s confirmed that Inside will be coming to PS4 August 23rd.