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Mini Review: The Hike

Trigger Warnings

This movie was recommended to me on Hulu, I am guessing because The Descent is one of my highest rated horror films. Like The Descent, it’s about a group of girls that go on excursion together, then things go horribly wrong. The problem with The Hike, and many horror films, is that it depends on making the audience uncomfortable, instead of having actual horror. Let me state simply, so there is no misunderstanding; Movies that have to depend on drawn out sexual assault scenes are in my opinion bad movies. The Hike is not the first, and probably not the last, “horror” film that has no subsistence and instead just makes the audience extremely uncomfortable with the use of sexual assault. I am willing to admit that sexual horror can have it’s place, but if that’s all you have then you don’t have a good horror film.

The movie starts with a number of girls running, showing something horrific is happening in the area. Flash to our heroes, going for a hike. When night falls they notice one of the girls is missing, and they start getting picked off. The movie attempts to build suspense by giving the audience a large number “red herrings” over who the killers are/might be. It’s not effective though, with the killers revealing themselves rather early, and it not being surprising in the least. Once the killers are revealed, the movie virtually stops all plot, suspense, and attempt to build anything worth watching. Our “hero girl” comes in time to save some of their girls from their fate, there is a drawn out and rather boring chase, and it all end with a failed attempt at an intense climax.

It’s probably one of the most disappointing, anti-climatic, dull horror films I’ve ever seen. The plot has potential, in fact we’ve seen similar plots done well before, this film does nothing to rise to the occasion though. By the “climax” I found myself struggling to continue. The Hike can and probably should be skipped.